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Monday Morsels

30 Jul

Do you know what three parties in one weekend mean? Monday morning comes way to fast! In fact my body is completely rejecting this whole you have to work business and demanding I head straight back to bed! But today’s struggle is totally worth it because the weekend was amazeballs!

Party Number 1. My niece’s surprise 4th birthday party, yes a 4 year old requested a surprise party…kind of defeats the purpose right?

Well, not to her! She loved her pink and green princess party (and I loved the lone pirate!)

Jodie was also there to capture some great shots of the kids!

Party Number 2. Another surprise party for my boyfriend. It’s not very often I can pull the wool over his eyes, in fact I never have. He guesses every gift, event…you name it, he knows. But not this time! I was finally able to pull something off. It was so much fun and  check out the cake!

Made with my own two hands, and a bit of help (thanks girls!). The birthday events consisted of some exciting and intense drinking games…obviously!

Party Number 3. A beautiful Minnie Mouse Themed Bridal Shower for a beautiful bride to be!

Seriously how cute are all of the Minnie Mouse accents. A round of applause to her bridesmaids for putting it together.

Loved it!

My fatigue is easy to forget when I remember just 2 sleeps until our road trip to Montana, hopefully you have something to get you through the week too!

Happy Monday!



Last Thing Thursdays

26 Jul


Your favorite blogging day of the week has arrived!

The Last Thing I…

Bought. Mint jeans! Finally, finally, finally. I feel like I have been searching for them for months and then in one fateful moment I saw them hanging all alone on a change room rack in H & M and we lived happily ever after…Destiny I tell ya!

Photo Credit

Really Wanted to do. Attend the Julia Child 100th birthday celebration, the dinner party of the century, being hosted by  Les Dames d’Escoffier.

The low down; basically restaurants all over British Columbia have donated one table with a set menu and wine, same date (August 15), same time, same price…how fun? You can purchase these seats for $69, which will get  you a multi course menu with wine pairings, not bad! Even better? All proceeds will be benefiting Les Dames d’Escoffier, BC Chapter, for scholarship, “Green Table” and outreach funding. I absolutely love concept and if I were in town I would definitely attend. Tickets are selling quickly, in fact some restaurants are already sold out, so get yours quick! View full event information here.

Found to be a Dilemma. I was given the first 2 books in the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy and I am not sure what to do with them.

Photo Credit

On one hand I want to read them so that I can know what all the fuss is about and participate in the lunch room debates. On the other, I know the premise of the book and it is certainly not my style, I am blushing at the thought of even considering reading them. I am rather vanilla if you will…and so the internal debate continues.

Pinned. This locket…so cute!

Wanted to Make. These Baked Egg Boats from Spoon Fork Bacon

In case you didn’t know…I kind of love breakfast

Obsessed Over. Chevron…not the gas station, come on people!

Seriously I need to add some to my wardrobe!

Was Really Looking Forward to. Roadtrip! In less than a week we are heading to Montana for the Smokin’ in the Root BBQ Competition. And since we are traveling so far we are also making a little getaway out of it. Glacier National Park here we come.

Photo Credit

Can’t Wait for a little lot of BBQ and some R & R. I have also been told in Montana, it is common practice to wear your cowboy boots all the time, I love it already. Only 6 more sleeps!

And only one more sleep until the weekend, enjoy your Thursday!


Cotto Enoteca Pizzeria

25 Jul

On Monday night I had the pleasure of previewing a new restaurant opening in my hood, Cotto Enoteca Pizzeria. For those of you that live in Burnaby or know the area, Cotto Enoteca will be replacing the old Anducci’s at 6011 Hastings Street, exciting I know!

Even more exciting? The food! Cotto Enoteca features modern Italian cuisine, specializing in authentic Neapolitan style pizza and house made pastas. I had the pleasure of sampling a wide variety of items. Including:

Cotto Polpetti (House made Meatballs)

Fior di Latte (House made Cheese) with Eggplant caponata, caramelized cauliflower and salsa verde

Insulata Rucola – Arugula Salad with gorgonzola, cantaloupe, pine nuts and aged red wine vinaigrette

Good News…I am not even close to done yet!

We also had the Pizza Funghi.

I don’t even have words for this pizza, I loved the hand tossed dough, caramelized onions, and wood fired crust. It was delicious!

And you can’t go to an Italian restaurant and not have the pasta.

This was the Papardelle Carbonera topped with a 63 degree egg…perfect!

Dessert was the Panna Cotta with lemon curd and Italian meringue and the Costata di Cioccolato (Chocolate Tart)

Oh and the cocktails…just delightful!

I had the Limone Cosmopolitan with house made limoncello and the Fragoli Passione, featuring wild strawberry liqueur, prosecco and gin.

You’re drooling right now, I know it. And that is perfectly acceptable because not only does Cotto Enoteca feature an appealing menu; it has a fantastic atmosphere,

reasonable prices and a focus on local, sustainable and seasonal ingredients, this spot is sure to be a hit.

Cotto Enoteca is currently working on their website, in the meantime visit their Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter...I am just waiting for the post Now Open! And I bet you are too! A few words of advice…when you see it, run, don’t walk to your car and head over for a fantastic meal!

P.S. Don’t be embarrassed it you can’t pronounce the names of the menu items….I couldn’t either. All you need to know is meatballs, cheese, and mushroom pizza!

Summer Bucket List Update

24 Jul

It has been just about a month since I posted my Summer Bucket List and I promised you an update so here it is kids!

Summer Bucket List Update

1. Go on a road trip to somewhere I have never been – planned! We are headed to Montana on August 1.

2. Finish organizing our apartment – still a work in progress but we are getting there.

3. Host a party.  Done! It was small but it was still a party, there were people, food, flowers and Mimosas…definitely counts!

4. Finish reading the Harry Potter series. I am only on book 2…ambitious I know! – Still haven’t started book 3. There are just not enough hours in the day. Maybe I can tackle a book or two on my road trip? But, I really want to read “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed. It is the memoir of  a girl who hikes the entire Pacific Crest Trail by herself …crazy I tell ya! I am totally into it.

Photo Credit

5. Plant a herb garden. Killed it! How adorable are these little additions to my balcony.

6. Go camping – planned! This should be happening along our road trip to Montana but nothing is set in stone.

7. Buy mason jars. I just really, really want some okay!? From zero to twenty four…I may have gone slightly overboard 

8. Spend an entire day watching Disney movies (a rainy day of course) – yet to be completed. But I did watch Tangled with my niece a couple of weeks ago…half a point?

9. Eat Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt, I have been meaning to try it for MONTHS! – I am going to get there people…promise!

10. Go on a picnic. – there is blanket with my name on it in the closet. I just need the sun to come back out.

11. Make Sarasota’s 1 large bottle of Moscato or Riesling Wine 1 can of raspberry lemonade concentrate a splash of sprite crushed raspberries mix all ingredients together and enjoy! – I have absolutely no explanation as to why this has not happened yet?

I did say in the original post that I wanted to pick things that would be attainable but I was called out by my family! I did have some of these things planned or at least in the back of my mind. so apparently they don’t count…Mom’s are always right people! I promise that there will always be full disclosure on this blog 😉 So with that being said I have decided to add a few things.

12. Go Food Trucking. I have not tried a single food truck in Vancouver, I am a disgrace I know, but I am going to aim to try at least four before summer comes to a close.

Photo Credit

13. Try something new. I am not sure what that means yet but I will keep you posted.

14. Go on a hike. It may not exactly seem like a bucket list item but I truly can not remember the last time I actually went on a hike…odd I know?

Before I started adding things I actually thought I had completed a lot more but apparently not so much. I have got A LOT of work to do!

Monday Morsels

23 Jul

The Monday following a fabulous weekend is always the most difficult to get through. Especially when it is absolutely disgusting outside, grey skies and rain are not ideal to wake up to. Especially when you have to walk your dog; imagine pajama pants, gum boots and a mismatched hoodie at 7 this morning, it was not pretty! My weekend on the other hand was the polar opposite. It jam-packed with bright and sunny things, unfortunately no actual sun, but I would not have had it any other way. On Saturday I had a small get together at our apartment. It was filled with delicious food

Mimosas in Mason Jars

and these banana bread cupcakes with cream cheese icing.

I followed the recipe to a “T” and they turned out absolutely perfect…But I think I need to work on my piping skills.

I also received my fabulous prize from Emily over at Peck Life.

Seriously, how cute are those sticky notes! I can not wait to use them.

And I went to my first Vancouver Whitecaps game.

Our seats were essentially on the field, which was pretty fantastic. Plus, I haven’t been inside BC place since it was renovated, so needless to say I was excited to see the updated stadium. The verdict? I’m pretty impressed! And shockingly having played soccer for the last 18 years I have never been to a professional match. Let’s just say I would definitely go again, even if I wasn’t given prime seats. It was exciting and really fun!

All in all I would say the weekend was a great success! Happy Monday!


Last Thing Thursdays

19 Jul

It’s Thursday, you know the drill!

The Last Thing I…

Wanted to Make. These Roasted Carrots with Honey Ginger Glaze. Don’t ask me why, but now I have got a hankering…tonight just might be the night.

Pinned. This Vintage Vanity.

Photo Credit

There is just something about it!

Did. I Went to the Doctor this afternoon, remember when I injured my finger oh say 6 weeks ago? Well it’s still not better, tisk, tisk for waiting so long I know. The verdict? Not broken, thank goodness, now just another 4 weeks to heal my jammed knuckle…sheesh!

Made Fancy. A bad hair day induced messy bun.

Looks like a flower and bow really can do the trick!

Planned to DIY. These chalkboard place mats. I can totally handle this! Plus, they are perfect for parties.

Thanks to Some the Wiser you can do it too!

Listened to. My new favorite song…country obviously!

Hard to Love by Lee Brice, is definitely not hard to love. In fact, it is pretty addictive if you ask me, it may or may not be playing on repeat as I type this.

You should go listen to it…Now! Maybe it will make the weekend come just a little bit faster 🙂

The Loving Spoon

18 Jul

I could spend hours on Etsy seriously! Some might say I am wasting my time but when I come across treasures like The Loving Spoon I know that it is time well spent.

The Loving Spoon is a small local business that customizes antique silver spoons. I love this concept, I think it is such a unique gift idea for weddings, baby showers, even house warmings.
or just because
They also make the perfect accessory to your herb garden…just sayin’
All of these spoons are hand stamped by Maya a fellow Vancouverite. Maya has been living in Vancouver since January 2011 and fell in love with the city’s handmade and crafty culture. Shortly after she moved here started customizing antique silver spoons and cutlery. This was sparked by her passion for old things, and working with the idea of upcycling and giving old objects a new, functional meaning. The best part, she finds her spoons and other antique cutlery when strolling in flea markets and antiques stores all over the world. How cool is that?

I recently received my very own customized loving spoon with the phrase Eat Dessert First…fitting, I know! I mean seriously how cute is this!

It is true love, I tell ya!

You can visit Maya’s Facebook Page or email her at Already know what you want? Order online