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Weekly Obsessions – February 22

22 Feb

You have been missing these lately, I know it! But let’s be honest I don’t write about just anything it has to really stick with me. And let me tell you, I am hooked!

Pinterest – No I did not miss the boat on this like I did on Superbowl snacks and Angry Birds. I have been on this for quite sometime and single handedly planned my entire wedding…no I am not engaged, don’t judge me! I decided to share with you because it has gone from something cool, to something I can’t live without! It may also be the culprit behind my excessive data usage on my phone. Regardless, it is such a fun site, and such a fantastic idea. I can’t even count how many times I have read a blog or found something I loved online and told myself to remember it, which in turn means I will promptly forget. Typical. Basically, you can scroll through millions of images and “pin” the ones you like on to your boards.  It might sound a little bit strange but I can pretty much guarantee once you check it out you will be obsessed. Follow me kimjewell3 and see how magical my country wedding is going to be 😉

Watt’s Up – I think we all know about my deep love for Benefit cosmetics, it’s no secret. Watt’s up is one of their newest products, a highlighter that gives you a luminous glow!

Photo Credit

Personally, I would probably never try something like this, but I had it applied at the Brow Bar at Macy’s and I was instantly sold. It has a cream to powder finish that I apply on my cheek and brow bones…easy and gorgeous! It’s a keeper that’s for sure.

Happy hump day!



February Recipe Round Up

20 Feb

So I know that I definitely missed the Super Bowl snack boat and the mushy Valentines recipes but have no fear I have found recipes that are so much more awesome than pulled pork, chilli, bacon cheeseburger dip, nachos, and every food imaginable cut out in a heart shape. Who am I kidding I love all all of those things and would eat them on a daily basis if my ass would allow it. Since I have decided to accept reality, I thought I might pass on a few recipes I have been digging lately.

Jalapeno Cheddar Hummus and Cowboy Potato Chowder from Eat Live Run …of course! No I don’t know Jenna but I kinda wish I did. I just plug her because I love her and cowboys too!

Fig, Brie and Walnut Pizza – Holy smokes… sooo delicious!

Chocolate Chip Lava Cookies yes this is real life!

Roasted Strawberry Shortcake Shakes … need I say more?

Maple Bacon Cake Doughnuts surprisingly easy to make, and delish!

I have yet to try these Gooey Red Velvet S’more Bars but as soon as you look at the picture of them you will understand my obsession.

This is definitely not an “ass-friendly” food but how can you resist a Ham, Brie and Pear Bake…wait I am not sure I want to!

And finally just Enjoy, would ya!

Valentine’s Day in a Nutshell

15 Feb

Happy belated love day to all of you! I know Valentines day can be quite controversial, for many people it is looked at as a Hallmark holiday, solely intended to break the bank. I can’t say I completely disagree, I am not one for grand gestures but I do enjoy the little things, it’s nice to feel special once in awhile right?!

All in all, it was a pretty awesome day! It started on a hilarious note, Andrew and I got each other the same card. No joke, exactly the same.

In case you were wondering that the inside said, it read “I never get tired of looking at your face.” Romantic I know, obviously we were both sold on the Shar Pei gracing the front cover.

We also went out for dinner at The Refinery on Granville Street. Neither of us had been before and we were both pleasantly surprised. The food was delicious, the drinks were inventive and staff was excellent. I highly recommend this gem if you are looking to try something new. Make sure you get the Mixed Board, and the cinnamon bun cheesecake for dessert. We indulged and had 2 desserts…why not right?

Chef’s Valentines Day special…who doesn’t love a brownie!

We really don’t do gifts but I scored myself a rockin’ new royal blue cardigan, way better than flowers and candy. Speaking of candy, if you were given a whole bunch or your like me and proceeded to buy all of the day after discounted candy at the grocery store, you should definitely try this recipe for Valentine’s day candy bark. It’s like one of those what to do with your leftovers recipes, throw everything in a casserole pan and bake it. Except throw everything in chocolate and make it pretty is so much more fun!


PS. If you are still bitter about not having a Valentine, read this and I promise you’ll not only split a gut and but also feel better about being alone all at the same time. ..amazing!

3 Things

8 Feb

3 Important things happened last night.

Juicing. Carrots. A lot of carrots, beets, and oranges. My juicer has not been receiving the love it deserves lately so I made sure it got a good work out!

Baking. I just had the urge, it comes over me quite often so there is just no sense in resisting. And I figured after I juiced 2 pounds of carrots to drink in the next 2 days I could reward myself. The creation? Chocolate Chip Coffee Blondies, I used white chocolate and a different type of coffee and it turned out AMAZING! Thank you Gingerbread Bagels!

Packing. I am leaving on a jet plane…a big 45 minute flight tomorrow! I know what you are thinking, what on earth am I going to do for 45 minutes on plane. Guess what I am thinking? What on earth am I going to do in Prince George for 5 days. Just kidding! I am going to visit some of my favorite people, my Gran and Grumps (no, that is not a typo he really goes by Grumps). I also know exactly what is going to transpire, an awful lot of eating, duh! I am going to see my Grandma after all, and even more card playing. One day I will be victorious over Grumps…one day!

Oh and I watched Hart of Dixie…what the heck Wade? Seriously?!

All in all, a pretty productive evening. Talk to you kids in a few days!


Weekly Obsessions – February 6

6 Feb

Holy smokes January, you were here and gone faster than I can blink. Now that is just crazy. Speaking of crazy, my new obsessions of course…crazy awesome that is!

Angry Birds. I know, I know I must have been living under a rock but I just wasn’t it to it when it first came out. Probably because I had a blackberry which is not nearly as fun as my shiny new iPhone. I don’t know why it is so satisfying flinging different colored birds at pigs, but for some reason it just really does it for me. I probably never should have started because now I spend my evenings wondering why the pigs are green and where they came up with helmets made of concrete? Seriously give my birds some armor, they are the ones sacrificing themselves!

Lululemon Wunder Unders. If you wear tights on any sort of a regular basis I highly recommend you invest in these beauties. Like most, I would buy a pair of tights at $15-20 a pop and then wear them out in a few months and then repeat the vicious buying cycle. Well, no longer! I have found the world’s greatest tights. They are incredibly comfortable, thicker than average and guess what they last SO much longer. I have a friend who has had the same pair for nearly 2 years, so don’t faint when you see the $78 price tag they are well worth it…seriously, have I lied to you yet?

Side Note – one of my New Years resolutions was to blog more, I have one word…FAIL! But I am working on it I promise!