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Last Thing Thursdays

4 Oct

It’s Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday, which means today is a good day. Take my advice and just go with it, deal? Okay good!

The Last Thing…

I Made. This One Earth Chia Chia Coconut Cookie Mix

Holy was it good! You know me, I like to bake, but it is almost always from scratch. I was a little bit skeptical about these wheat free cookies, but my goodness was I wrong. They were delicious. They had a slightly different texture than a regular cookie, but it was by no means a bad thing, they were moist and chewy, packed with fiber, and had great flavor . Not only will I make them again, I can’t wait to try more One Earth products, specifically the Banana Quinoa Granola Bar Mix.

I Wanted to Make. This!

Pinch of Yum‘s Butternut Squash Mac ‘n’ Cheese with Bacon, Caramelized Onions, and Apples. Enough said!

I Downloaded. The VSCO CAM App. And let me tell you it’s worth every one of the 99 pennies it cost. Here is a before, and after of a photo I took.



You really want those carrots, I know you do! The VSCO Camera app has quite a few more settings, and editing capabilities in comparison to other camera apps I have used. I was able to edit this photo, save, and then upload it to Instagram without adding any additional filters. I think I am in love.

I Ogled on Etsy. The On Your Case Store

How Cute are these iPhone cases, I want at least 6 of them, that’s normal right?

Thought was Genius. Thanks to Ashley, my coffee will never go cold again.

Use a candle warmer to keep your coffee or tea warm, genius I tell ya!

I Pinned. This beautiful home.

The ceiling is absolutely amazing, so rustic. I dream of having a home like this! Speaking of homes, Diary of a Jewell is giving away two pairs of tickets to the Vancouver Home and Design Show, Oct 11-14. Head over to our Facebook Page and share it for a chance to win, contest ends tomorrow!

I Was Looking Forward to. Today!!! Why you ask? Because I am so excited to see Carrie Underwood in concert.

Yes, I have seen her before, but who cares?!

I hope that the evening you have planned is as enjoyable as mine! It’s all a matter of opinion right?! If not, well…revel in the fact the weekend is almost here!



Last Thing Thursdays

20 Sep

Hey guess what?! It’s almost the weekend…yessss! Here’s a little something to help you get through the day.

Seriously how cute is that Bandana! (minus the wrinkles…no not her wrinkles those are awesome!) Moving on to your favorite weekly post.

The Last Thing…

I really, really wanted. These absolutely stunning Old Gringo boots.

I am drooling right now…but at $600 a pair I think I will keep dreaming.

I Was Looking Forward To. Food Cart Fest at  The Waldorf.

I have not sampled a single bite from any of Vancouver’s new and exciting food trucks. What better way to do it, then all at once! The Food Cart Fest ran every Sunday throughout the Summer. Unfortunately, our busy schedule did not allow us to check it out. But fortunately, for us it was so popular they extended it until Sept 30…yessssss! I can not wait to stuff my face, have a couple beverages and enjoy the live music.

I Ogled on Etsy. The gorgeous fruit bin.

It sits under you cabinets and above the counter, perfect for utilizing counter space in a small kitchen. I would love to replace out counter top basket with this beauty!

That Made Me Laugh Out Loud.

When I am lost the first thing I do is turn down the music, silence is totally going to help me figure out where I am…not! If you don’t listen to country music you probably won’t get it….I will forgive you, but just this once!

I Pinned. Pumpkin Cream Oreo Tarts via Lauren’s Latest

Two words…yes please! Let’s talk about Pinterest for a moment, does anyone get as much joy as I do when people re pin the things you’ve pinned? I don’t know why but for some reason it is really, really satisfying…is that weird?

I was Intrigued By. This List.

15 Books to Cure your Hunger Games Hangover. I can fully admit that I have not recovered from my Hunger Games hang0ver and I have been looking for something to fill the giant void for some time. I have heard of Diveregent and was considering reading the series, do you have any insight into this novel or any of the others on the list? Sharing is caring you know!

Happy Thursday!


The Loving Spoon

18 Jul

I could spend hours on Etsy seriously! Some might say I am wasting my time but when I come across treasures like The Loving Spoon I know that it is time well spent.

The Loving Spoon is a small local business that customizes antique silver spoons. I love this concept, I think it is such a unique gift idea for weddings, baby showers, even house warmings.
or just because
They also make the perfect accessory to your herb garden…just sayin’
All of these spoons are hand stamped by Maya a fellow Vancouverite. Maya has been living in Vancouver since January 2011 and fell in love with the city’s handmade and crafty culture. Shortly after she moved here started customizing antique silver spoons and cutlery. This was sparked by her passion for old things, and working with the idea of upcycling and giving old objects a new, functional meaning. The best part, she finds her spoons and other antique cutlery when strolling in flea markets and antiques stores all over the world. How cool is that?

I recently received my very own customized loving spoon with the phrase Eat Dessert First…fitting, I know! I mean seriously how cute is this!

It is true love, I tell ya!

You can visit Maya’s Facebook Page or email her at Already know what you want? Order online


Monday Morsels

2 Apr

It’s April – can you believe it? I have absolutely no idea where March went but considering for the most part it was cold an rainy I am kind of okay with it. Plus I am pretty sure April is going to be an awesome month! However, I was a slightly skeptical when I woke up yesterday morning to snow, yes I said snow. Here’s proof:

Thank god it was just mother natures idea on an April Fool’s joke because by the time noon rolled around it was a beautiful sunshiny day!

Speaking of sunshine, I am absolutely loving this Southern Sunrise Dress and this Pick pocket Dress I need to figure out how to ship these beauties from The Blue Door Boutique to Canada.

Lately,  I have been a fair bit of window shopping on Etsy, well I guess since it is online it’s more like screen shopping. Call it what you want, I just really love to browse through the site and find unique items. My latest gimme moment was for these Burlap pillows, I absolutely adore them! I just might break down and buy them. We have been apartment hunting lately so maybe once we find a new home I will splurge and by myself a housewarming gift – that’s normal right?

I don’t what the weather is like where you are but here in Vancouver it is pretty gloomy, so I thought I would leave you with these Strawberry Cupcakes to brighten your Monday morning. Just looking at them brought a little bit of sunshine to my day.

Happy Monday!