Last Thing Thursdays

12 Jul

It is another beautiful day in Vancouver and I can’t help but be in a good mood! I am looking forward to relaxing weekend but until then we will have to settle for your favorite weekly feature!

The Last Thing I…

Read. The Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook.

It is not very often I actually read a cookbook cover to cover, in fact I have never done this. Generally, I flip through, mark pages and pick out the recipes I want to tackle. But there was something just a little bit different with Back in the Day, it was informative, endearing and made me ache for a trip to Savannah, Georgia. This is hands down the best cookbook I have ever purchased, I would highly recommend it to anyone that loves to bake. I can not wait to start trying these recipes the descriptions and images are drool worthy!

Got in the mail. My June glossy box arrived late last week.

Not bad for $15, I am totally stoked on the Wella Ocean Spritz, it makes for perfect beachy waves! You can order your monthly Glossy Box here.

Made. My own version of mini doughnuts.

They were baked, not fried but still totally delicious!

Tried and Loved. Lush Sweet Lips lip scrub.

I don’t know about you but I am a constant victim of chapped lips and there is nothing worse than having your lips cracking and shedding layers while you are wearing your favorite lip color. Don’t act like you have never peeled a layer of skin off, it happens people! But it doesn’t have too! Lush’s lip scrub is amazing, basically you just rub it on and exfoliate your lips, it might seem weird but once you do it you will realize it is genius! My lips came out silky smooth and I am hooked!

Pinned. Baked Potato Grilled Cheese.

Enough Said!

Planned. A trip to Lucky’s Doughnuts. Saturday morning can not come soon enough!

Did to Relax. Took a beach day on Tuesday.

And you should too, now go enjoy the sun!



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