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Last Thing Thursdays

30 Aug

I am heading out as we speak to drive 11 hours to Calgary…shoot me now. Just kidding! I am actually really looking forward to watching Andrew play in the World Series and eating donuts, the commute is the only downer. But lets be honest I will probably sleep most of the way, I’m good at that. Here is a little something to brighten your morning.

The Last Thing I…

Crossed Off my Summer Bucket List. Pinkberry! And thank goodness because summer is almost over ūüė¶

Finally! I had the coconut frozen yogurt with an assortment of fruit, a little bit of almond roca and topped with pizelle. Loved it, every last bite, I didn’t share.

Discovered. That H & M has a home store in the UK, and in early 2013 it will be hitting the US of A. Maybe I am behind the times but I feel like I am usually pretty “on it” when it comes to the shopping scene. And if you ask me, this is pretty bad ass news (in the best way possible). I spent a solid hour creeping the website and getting myself all worked up. I love this

And  this

And I am buying this.

How excited are you? Or is just me? Finger crossed they put one in Seattle!

Bought. Yet another denim shirt, I thought I might be taking it too far with 3 in my closet. Then, I counted my cardigans….we won’t go there.


Wanted to Buy. These wooden bangles.

via Fancy French Cologne

I love the color combinations. Adorable!

Wanted to DIY. This wicked quote poster. Basically you just place your quote on top of a print and then paint over it. Easy peasy!

They did an awesome job on this wall art over at A Beautiful Mess and I feel like I could totally rock this. Now to find the time…

Pinned. These Martha Stewart Peanut Butter Toffee Cookies.

It is a road trip after all…

I will do my best to stay in touch while we are away. Happy almost weekend!


Montana Road Trip Part 2

28 Aug

Continued from Montana Road Trip Part 1

After we spent the day in Glacier National Park, we kind of knew that there wasn’t much along the rest of the trip that would top it. But there were a few things that came pretty close. On the weekend we headed to Stevensville, Montana for the 100th Annual Creamery Picnic and the home of the Smokin’ in the Root BBQ Competition. It was a beautiful drive through the Treasure State. Seriously, check out Flathead Lake.


The Creamery Picnic was an awesome little fair; there were firefighter games,

(I took this with my iPhone and it has become one my favorite photos…EVER!)

lots of live music, and plenty of food. Speaking of food, check out our wining dessert. Tropical Banoffee Parfaits, made by the lovely Angie.

Stevensville was also the location of the start of a lifetime love affair, between myself and Huckleberries. If you have never tried them, you need to! They are not exactly easy to track down so when you see them, 2 words…stock up! My favorite Huckleberry items were this Huckleberry lemonade from the fair.

And this Huckleberry Licorice I picked up on the way home.

You can order your own here, and then, you can thank me for introducing you to quite possibly the greatest candy invented! On the way home, we also stopped to pick up Flathead Cherries. They were to die for, perfectly crunchy and sweet.

You may have noticed, I don’t really know much about downtime or relaxing when I travel. I just can not help myself, when I am in a new place I want to take in anything and everything. I love to explore and try new things and I don’t want to waste a minute. So, pretty much as soon as we got back from Stevensville we headed to Whitefish, Montana. An adorable little ski town about half an hour away and I absolutely loved it!

There was plenty to see and do, if you ever have the chance to go I would recommend having a beverage or two at The Great Northern Brewing Company and a little bit of retail therapy among all of the awesome little boutiques. The design stores there were out of this world. In fact, I think I even said “can I just live here?”. I would definitely go back, I love that small town America feeling and I definitely felt it in Whitefish.

Whitefish marked the end of our stay in Montana, but we did make one more stop on the trek home. Couer d’Alene, Idaho just might have been my favorite. This stunning lakeside town stole a little piece of my heart. My only regret, I wish we’d had more time! We were only there for about 4 hours. We drove in around 11 AM and went straight to Jimmy’s Down the Street.

I’d had this diner on my list since seeing it on an episode of Diners Drive Ins and Dives, and it completely lived up to all of my expectations. I had the special, Huckleberry pancakes…of course!

They were bigger than my face, but still so light and fluffy. In fact, my mouth is watering just thinking about them. It was such a warm and welcoming little place, every single staff member made a point of talking to us. While the regulars sat at the front counter discussing the news, Betty’s dentist appointment,¬† and the construction up the road. I absolutely I loved it! After a fantastic brunch we headed to Lake Couer d’Alene and for about 3 hours, I sun tanned and just relaxed…weird I know!

As we headed out of town and continued our drive home all I could think is, we have to come back here! It was a fantastic end to an already amazing trip.

In a couple of days we are heading out on one last road trip before summer is over, Calgary won’t know what hit em.

Monday Morsels

27 Aug

For me, today is not the best Monday. I am feeling under the weather and spending my day on the couch with my partner in crime. She doesn’t seem to mind…

Adorable, I know! Despite today not being the best of days, I did have a fantastic weekend. I was able to go to a housewarming party see my friends’ beautiful new home.

So exciting! I also went to the PNE and had some Prairie Smoke and Spice BBQ.

We played plenty of games, ate mini donuts and lucky for us, the free concert of the evening was Colbie Caillat, how perfect!

After the show we headed downtown to celebrate another friends birthday.

It was a great night!

And then yesterday I was thrilled to be a part of the 1st Annual North Surrey Automall Car-B-Que. There was face painting, plenty of fun, and of course delicious BBQ.

I can’t wait until next year!

Happy Monday!


Blogroll – Fresh Family Cooking

24 Aug

I think that we all know I love Pinterest, like really love it. In fact, I have already planned my entire wedding! No, I am not engaged…moving on. The reason I am telling you this is because Pinterest has led me to discover yet another fantastic blog.

Fresh Family Cooking is an amazing blog written by Marla Meredith, ahem my favorite pinner! I love everything she pins on pinterest, so naturally I kind of love everything she writes about on her blog. She not only focuses on healthy food, but also travel, lifestyle, DIY crafts and pretty much anything else she is digging at the moment. I like her style! Not only that, she is an amazing photographer and her blog is by far one of the prettiest I have ever seen.

Told ya so!

I look forward to her posts each week, and once you get a taste of Fresh Family Cooking I think you will too. Oh, and don’t forget to follow her on Pinterest!



Last Thing Thursdays

23 Aug

Can you believe that August is almost over? I know I can’t, it seems like this whole Summer has just flown by. As much as I love Fall, I am just not sure I am ready yet. But I am ready to tell you about

¬†The Last Thing I…

Wanted to Make. Spoon Fork Bacon‘s Sparkling Apple Sangria.

Such an easy recipe!

Sparkling Apple Sangria
Serves 4 to 6

1 (750ml) bottle of Riesling (can sub Pinot Grigio)
1 red delicious apple, julienne
1 granny smith apple, julienne
1/2 (750ml) bottle of brut champagne or sparkling wine, chilled

1. Pour Riesling into a large pitcher and stir in apples. Place in the refrigerator and allow to sit for at least 2 hours and up to 24 hours.
2. Add champagne/sparkling wine, stir and serve.

**If your apples brown or get limp while infusing into the wine, strain the apples out and replace them with fresh ones before adding the champagne and serving. The fresh apples WILL float to the top for a bit, but the sangria will stay just as delicious.

Craved. A Curly Wurly.

A friend introduced me to this Cadbury chocolate bar about a month ago and I instantly fell in love. It is a delicious thin, chewy caramel wrapped in Cadbury milk chocolate… heaven! There is a good chance that unless you are from the UK ot have traveled there, that you have never tried one, you’re missing out people! You can find them in specialty candy stores and trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Wanted to DIY. These amazing and simple, no sew pillow covers.

I found this tutorial on Pinterest awhile ago and I am looking forward to finding some prints to compliment my living room.

Pinned. This resort tree house in Bali.

Enough said!

Was Ashamed to Say I Watch. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

Photo Credit

I have no explanation as to why I think this show is hilarious but for some strange reason I do. And I can not get enough of it. It’s a train wreck with little to no purpose that I devote 30-60 minutes of my life to every week, and I love it. Between Glitzy the Pig and Sugar Bear, I split a gut every episode. Don’t judge me!

Was Really looking forward to watching. Nashville, a new drama on ABC.

I know that this comes as no surprise to you regular readers, I just love country, what can I say? This show already has some great buzz and I am really looking forward to the premiere on October 10.

What fall shows are you looking forward to?

Montana Roadtrip Part 1

22 Aug

Having never been to Montana I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. All that I was told is that it would be perfectly okay to wear my cowboy boots, in fact, it would probably bring up my cool factor a few notches….naturally I was “in” right away. Andrew and I left early on a Wednesday morning to embark on our 11 hour drive. But no road trip is complete with out a pit stop for donuts….that’s how we roll.

Andrew had the maple bacon bar and loved it. Can you tell?

And I sampled the cinnamon sugar cake donut, it was delish!

I was actually shocked to learn that it would only take us 11 hours to drive across 3 states. Living in British Columbia, there are places within our own province that are much further. The pristine lakes, lush greenery, wind farm and beautiful sunset made for one the most scenic road trips I have ever taken.

For any of you that have driven to The Gorge in Washington to see a concert, you basically continue past that and through Idaho and on to Montana. We arrived quite late in the evening and went straight to bed, because we were looking to our first full day in Kalispell and driving through Glacier National Park.

Unfortunately, when we woke up it was not the clearest of days. It was a overcast, and a bit foggy but that did not stop us from going. A little bad weather was not going to ruin our trip, we are from Vancouver after all! When I was researching the trip, the one thing that every article recommended was to “go the sun road”. Basically, it is a man made road that¬†runs through the heart of Glacier National Park. And it is the only road that crosses through the continental divide at Logan’s Pass. The twisty, turny and narrow two lane road is certainly not an easy drive, but with views like this

it is totally worth it! We stopped at a few different points including Mcdonald Lake

and Mcdonald Creek.

and once we arrived at Logan’s Pass we knew the 45 minute drive up was well worth it.

I highly recommend adding Glacier National Park and Going the Sun Road to your bucket list. It is absolutely stunning, I can’t even imagine the scenery on a clear day…I was blown away even in the fog.

To Be Continued…

Monday Morsels

20 Aug

Honey I’m Home! Sorry for the minor hiatus, but I deserved a little time off didn’t I?

It was definitely a nice¬†few days to myself, Andrew was away in Ontario for softball so I celebrated my birthday in neon shorts…and cowboy boots of course!

And then I went on a girls trip to the Okanagan. There were wineries

lots of wineries!

I have been wine touring in Sonoma¬†but this was definitely a whole new experience.¬†The Okanagan scenery was amazing and the wine was delicious, I can’t wait¬†to go wine touring with the girls¬†again!

Even more fun? Tubing in Osoyoos.

It was an absolute blast, we may be 25 but we’ve still got it! And then on Friday I got¬†was¬†beyond excited to¬†celebrate my dear friends wedding. Can you say beautiful bride?!

After so much excitement, you would think that this would be a horrible Monday, but time off, great friends and some rest and relaxation were exactly what I needed!

Happy Monday!