The Loving Spoon

18 Jul

I could spend hours on Etsy seriously! Some might say I am wasting my time but when I come across treasures like The Loving Spoon I know that it is time well spent.

The Loving Spoon is a small local business that customizes antique silver spoons. I love this concept, I think it is such a unique gift idea for weddings, baby showers, even house warmings.
or just because
They also make the perfect accessory to your herb garden…just sayin’
All of these spoons are hand stamped by Maya a fellow Vancouverite. Maya has been living in Vancouver since January 2011 and fell in love with the city’s handmade and crafty culture. Shortly after she moved here started customizing antique silver spoons and cutlery. This was sparked by her passion for old things, and working with the idea of upcycling and giving old objects a new, functional meaning. The best part, she finds her spoons and other antique cutlery when strolling in flea markets and antiques stores all over the world. How cool is that?

I recently received my very own customized loving spoon with the phrase Eat Dessert First…fitting, I know! I mean seriously how cute is this!

It is true love, I tell ya!

You can visit Maya’s Facebook Page or email her at Already know what you want? Order online



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