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Scarf Envy

3 Oct

I don’t know about you, but the moment that infinity scarves were introduced my whole world was changed. Before the circle scarves hit shelves and necks across the world, I really struggled with incorporating this adorable accessory into my wardrobe. I would spend wasted time in front of the mirror struggling to make them work.

To me, they never looked quite right, they were frumpy, too long, or covered half of my face. Which is why  infinity scarves were, well, nothing short of genius! I never knew how much I needed them until my closet was full of them. They really can spruce up any outfit and they are perfect for not only fall, but any season. Here are a few I am currently coveting.


Oh and don’t worry, thanks to several online tutorials and you tube videos I can now also perfectly wrap a regular scarf around my neck…just in case you were wondering. And if you need a little help (don’t worry we’ve all been there) here is handy little tutorial.

How to Tie a Scarf 5 Ways

What is you favorite Fall accessory?


Last Thing Thursdays

30 Aug

I am heading out as we speak to drive 11 hours to Calgary…shoot me now. Just kidding! I am actually really looking forward to watching Andrew play in the World Series and eating donuts, the commute is the only downer. But lets be honest I will probably sleep most of the way, I’m good at that. Here is a little something to brighten your morning.

The Last Thing I…

Crossed Off my Summer Bucket List. Pinkberry! And thank goodness because summer is almost over 😦

Finally! I had the coconut frozen yogurt with an assortment of fruit, a little bit of almond roca and topped with pizelle. Loved it, every last bite, I didn’t share.

Discovered. That H & M has a home store in the UK, and in early 2013 it will be hitting the US of A. Maybe I am behind the times but I feel like I am usually pretty “on it” when it comes to the shopping scene. And if you ask me, this is pretty bad ass news (in the best way possible). I spent a solid hour creeping the website and getting myself all worked up. I love this

And  this

And I am buying this.

How excited are you? Or is just me? Finger crossed they put one in Seattle!

Bought. Yet another denim shirt, I thought I might be taking it too far with 3 in my closet. Then, I counted my cardigans….we won’t go there.


Wanted to Buy. These wooden bangles.

via Fancy French Cologne

I love the color combinations. Adorable!

Wanted to DIY. This wicked quote poster. Basically you just place your quote on top of a print and then paint over it. Easy peasy!

They did an awesome job on this wall art over at A Beautiful Mess and I feel like I could totally rock this. Now to find the time…

Pinned. These Martha Stewart Peanut Butter Toffee Cookies.

It is a road trip after all…

I will do my best to stay in touch while we are away. Happy almost weekend!

Last Thing Thursdays

26 Jul


Your favorite blogging day of the week has arrived!

The Last Thing I…

Bought. Mint jeans! Finally, finally, finally. I feel like I have been searching for them for months and then in one fateful moment I saw them hanging all alone on a change room rack in H & M and we lived happily ever after…Destiny I tell ya!

Photo Credit

Really Wanted to do. Attend the Julia Child 100th birthday celebration, the dinner party of the century, being hosted by  Les Dames d’Escoffier.

The low down; basically restaurants all over British Columbia have donated one table with a set menu and wine, same date (August 15), same time, same price…how fun? You can purchase these seats for $69, which will get  you a multi course menu with wine pairings, not bad! Even better? All proceeds will be benefiting Les Dames d’Escoffier, BC Chapter, for scholarship, “Green Table” and outreach funding. I absolutely love concept and if I were in town I would definitely attend. Tickets are selling quickly, in fact some restaurants are already sold out, so get yours quick! View full event information here.

Found to be a Dilemma. I was given the first 2 books in the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy and I am not sure what to do with them.

Photo Credit

On one hand I want to read them so that I can know what all the fuss is about and participate in the lunch room debates. On the other, I know the premise of the book and it is certainly not my style, I am blushing at the thought of even considering reading them. I am rather vanilla if you will…and so the internal debate continues.

Pinned. This locket…so cute!

Wanted to Make. These Baked Egg Boats from Spoon Fork Bacon

In case you didn’t know…I kind of love breakfast

Obsessed Over. Chevron…not the gas station, come on people!

Seriously I need to add some to my wardrobe!

Was Really Looking Forward to. Roadtrip! In less than a week we are heading to Montana for the Smokin’ in the Root BBQ Competition. And since we are traveling so far we are also making a little getaway out of it. Glacier National Park here we come.

Photo Credit

Can’t Wait for a little lot of BBQ and some R & R. I have also been told in Montana, it is common practice to wear your cowboy boots all the time, I love it already. Only 6 more sleeps!

And only one more sleep until the weekend, enjoy your Thursday!