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Weekly Obsessions – November 30

30 Nov

Whoa! It’s been awhile since you have seen one of these, I know that because my mind is bursting with awesome things to tell you about! So as you know I have been slightly behind with my blogging, but in addition to that I have really just been slightly behind in life, and by life I mean my PVR is SOOO full! I spent the past week or so really working hard to catch up on everything but with over 100 shows living in PVR I think it is going to take some time… a lot of time. Don’t worry I am dedicated, I will get through this! With that being said, I was able to catch up on one of the 2 million shows that I am multiple episodes behind on.

Hart of Dixie. I am sure that with my love of The South, cowboy boots and country music this doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone. But I had to tell you about it anyway. I love this show, like really love it and I secretly wish that I lived in Bluebell, Alabama. Obviously, it is hard not to like a show centered around my favorite things and Hart of Dixie is just that and so much more. It’s funny, heartwarming, and it has me hooked. Centered around New York doctor Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson), this series follows her trials and tribulations of adjusting from the fast pace of New York City to small town life in Bluebell, Alabama. Zoe’s already had several amusing incidents while trying to fit in, including, telling the towns minister he has an STD. The hilarious antics, good looking men with southern accents, an alligator named Burt Reynolds and an awesome sound track make it pretty difficult not to love this show.

Completely unrelated, but I am also obsessed with quite possibly, the greatest mascara on earth, Benefit’s They’re Real.

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It is hands down the best mascara I have ever used. It does everything, lengthens, thickens, curls and separates like no other.  I used to spend $35 on Diorshow mascara and now I am saving almost $10 a tube and my lashes have never looked so good!

Another side note, I know I am all over the map today but I thought I should let you know that Black Friday was a great success. There was no fighting over toaster ovens or injuries, and I was able to get all of the items I went for and be home by 5 AM.


Blogroll – Spoon Fork Bacon

28 Nov

Enough said right? Yeah, I thought so too.

I absolutely, love food blogs, I find a lot of joy in reading up on new recipes and trying them at home. Not to mention, drooling over the images. Spoon Fork Bacon is no exception and really, who wouldn’t want to read a food blog with bacon in the title…seriously bacon should be it’s own food group. Teri and Jenny do a fantastic job incorporating a variety of delicious recipes and images in their carefully crafted blog. Do your self a favor and check it out, you won’t be disappointed…promise!

All of you vegetarians out there, don’t judge a book by it’s cover, there are plenty of meat free recipes as well!

Black Friday in a Nutshell

24 Nov

What is Black Friday…well to me it is the American version of Canada’s busiest shopping day, boxing day… but on steroids or crack. Yeah, boxing day on crack is an adequate description. I  have subjected myself to the craziness that is black Friday for the past 3 years, tonight will make number 4… why you ask? Well, I just can’t pass up a deal, seriously I live for this stuff…crazy I know. I am definitely certifiable at this point but when I see signs that say 80% percent off, it really gets my blood pumping, it’s a strange addiction but I embrace it!

I will be leaving in a couple of hours to cross the border and head to our first stop, Target of course! They have a couple of door crashers, I really want. I would tell you what they are but then I would ruin a couple of Christmas presents, so tough luck. With that being said Target opens at midnight, which means we need to be in line by 10PM. That sad part, this doesn’t even guarantee we will get the items we want. Once the clock strikes midnight, the doors or Target will open and so begins the free for all. Imagine wives throwing toaster ovens at their husbands, people sprinting with their buggies and throwing things in while still in motion, and people fighting over video games…this is real life people.

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If you are going for the first time, be prepared, in the end it is totally worth the sleepless night and crazy people…but I guess that is all a matter of opinion.

5 things to remember when attempting to shop on Black Friday:

1. Wear an over the shoulder purse, you need your hands free at all times.

2. Don’t go alone, you need to tag team the department stores. 1 person in line, 1 person shopping and then do the ol’ switcheroo.

3. Bring cash, sometime the credit card systems get overloaded and shut down. Cash is your friend, trust me.

4. Wear deodorant! Seriously, you will be bundled up from standing outside and then once you get inside the sweating takes over…it’s not pretty

5. No coffee, as much as you want a hot caffeinated beverage, don’t do it! Why? Because eventually that coffee is going through you and there is no time for bathroom breaks!

May the force be with you!


23 Nov

Guess what I love?

Sleep. Which has definitely been lacking the past while.

Free Time. Which I has been pretty much nonexistent the past couple of weeks. I owe you posts… and lots of ’em. I promise to deliver, there is nothing worse than finding a blog that you love, ahem, Diary of a Jewell, and then having to wait because the chick who writes it gets busy and forgets all about the fact that you rely on her for entertainment. Please forgive me!

You. Yes, I freakin love you for taking the time to read this blog and I am sorry for the lack of consistency this past month. I would like to say it won’t happen again but life is pretty unpredictable so I’d rather not make a promise I can’t keep.

But I can promise to continue to entertain you… Stay Tuned!


Weekly Obessions – Nov 3

3 Nov

Oh hey there, long time no talk, my fault I know. What I don’t know is when or how my life became out of control busy. Although, I think most of the craziness has passed…until the holidays of course. Between my trip to Tennessee and a work trip to Seattle, the past couple weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind but I am definitely not complaining. I loved every second of my trip to Tennessee and I promise to share the details with you real soon! In the meantime, here is what I am loving this week.

Minnetonka’s – I had some free time in Seattle so I did a bit of shopping and by a bit I mean, so much shopping I could barely carry all of my bag’s. To put things into perspective I went with one duffel bag and came home with four. No big deal right? I will say that I made a dent in my Christmas shopping. Yes, I said it Christmas shopping, god I love the holidays, and now that Halloween is over I am allowed to talk about Christmas as much as I want. Anyway, back on track, while shopping I decided it was a good time to try on these adorable moccasins that I have had my eye on for some time now. And I was not disappointed. Check out my new babies below, I love them so much I asked for them in two other colors for Christmas. you know what they say, when you find something you like buy it in every color imaginable… I don’t think anyone actually says that but I am just going to run with it!

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Benefit Brow Bar – While on my shopping adventure in Sea town I stumbled in to Macy’s, big surprise I know! What was actually a surprise was the Benefit Cosmetics brow bar right in the cosmetics department. Now maybe I live under a rock but I had no idea these existed, and let me tell you I have been missing out. When I wandered over the offered to do my brows right then and there. At first I said no because, I don’t know about you but since I am blindingly white, whenever I get my eyebrows waxed they are bright red for at least 24 hours. People look at you funny, ask if you have been crying… it is just not a good scene, I generally hide out until my face is a normal color again. And since I was there on business,  and I had to associate with people, I didn’t want to frighten anyone with blazing red eyebrows. However, Sarah, the loveliest lady ever promised that they would cover them up and no one would know a thing. Since my eyebrows were starting to look like caterpillars I took her up on the offer, and I honestly don’t want to get my eyebrows done anywhere else EVER! She did the most amazing job and made it look like it never happened. I guess I’ll be driving 2 and a half hours to get my brows done from now on, just kidding they have several Brow Bar locations including one in Bellis Fair… super close. AWESOME!