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3 Really Exciting Things

26 Aug


I got a Kindle… it is soooo bad ass I love it. All the books I have dreamed of are at my fingertips. Dangerous!


I am going back to Tennessee in 8 weeks and I could not be happier. If you’re new here you had better check out my love for cowboy boots and country music. It’s serious business!


It’s Friday and I have a big weekend full of birthdays and weddings… Monday should bring many stories of the weekend events.

Okay maybe it’s four…


You know how much I love sharing things with you so I have decided to start a regular post dedicated to sharing all of my favorite blogs/bloggers with you. After the post I will list them in my Blogroll a new page of Diary of a Jewell.

Okay that’s it…promise! TGIF!


Weekly Obsessions – August 24

24 Aug

As you know my Summer has been pretty jammed packed and because of that I haven’t been able to share the exciting gifts I received for my birthday with you. I was given so many amazing things by family friends, there were a couple of items for my kitchen that I have been dying to share with you.

Kitchen Aid Mixer – I feel like I have been asking for this for every birthday and Christmas for the past few years and finally my wish came true and let me just say it was well worth the wait! Now the only problem is my oven is broken, meaning every night when I get home from work and all I want to do is bake and all I can do is stare at my kitchenaid mixer longingly. It is pure torture…the other night I made whip cream just because I wanted to turn it on and hear her purr… the whip cream is still sitting in my fridge. Any takers?

A Juicer – I know that you are asking yourself…what 24 year old asks for a juicer? It may seem a bit strange, but I was sooooo excited, this was another item that I have wanted for a long time. As you can see I am kind of in love with anything cooking or kitchen related and a juicer is the perfect addition. The past few days I have spent a fair amount of time juicing everything in my fridge to see what I could come up with. Here are a couple of really simple juice recipes for all of you healthy people out there.

Veggie Juice

4 carrots

2 handfuls of spinach or kale

3 beets

Watermelon Punch

1/4 of a watermelon

8 strawberries

2 nectarines

Make sure you cut everything up into smaller pieces (and remove the nectarine pit) add a couple of ice cubes, stir and enjoy!

Thanks to my fancy new gadgets I will be doing plenty more cooking so you can expect some great recipes and probably a few disasters heading your way. Now if only someone would fix the oven…

A Rainy Monday

22 Aug

Sooo it’s Monday, it’s raining, it’s cold and I don’t like it one bit. But instead of taking my usual approach to situations I don’t like… ahem whining. I have decided to embrace it and enjoy the comforts of home on this rainy Monday evening with 4 things.

1. A good book – I am currently reading “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett whch I got for my birthday and I LOVE it. I can’t seem to put it down, It’s really got me hooked!

2. Hot Chocolate – a creamy hot cup of goodness is just what the doctor ordered…extra marshmallows please!

3. A Fuzzy Blanket – I have a confession, I have had the same winnie the pooh blanket since I was 11. Who doesn’t love winnie the pooh, right?! And I am not ashamed because it is the softest, most comfortable blanket on earth and it is still just as fuzzy as the day I bought it…and yes, I have washed it…many times!

4. A Cuddly Pup – How can anyone resist this bundle of wrinkles… I know I can’t. Just like her mom Lulu is always up for a snuggle.

Book in one hand, hot chocolate in the other, curled up on the couch with winnie and lulu and all of a sudden the rain isn’t so bad…find your silver lining people!

Apologize, Apologize!

21 Aug

The latest edition of what’s on my nightstand… head’s out of the gutter people it’s a book review! I have been incredibly busy this past month, as I am sure you noted thanks to my lack of blogging. I did however find the time to read this gem somewhere between San Francisco and Cultus Lake and it was definitely entertaining. I decided to step away from my sappy chick novels…enter every Nicholas Sparks book ever written, and read something a little bit different., Apologize, Apologize! by Elizabeth Kelly.

Photo credit – www.

Different is an understatement I would probably lean more towards eccentric, ah who am I kidding the characters in this book are completely bonkers. Imagine the Royal Tennenbaums meets …heck I don’t even know what to compare this family to. The book centers around Collie, the youngest of two boys, intelligent and ambitious he is hated by his bitter mother, overshadowed by his charming brother and constantly pestered by his drunk father and counterpart Uncle Tom. He also has to deal with his pretentious and incredibly wealthy grandfather, this family is so far past dysfunctional, it is not even funny.

Well providing you with Collie’s life story it  incorporates humor and crazy family drama, and even heartbreak. Apologize, Apologize! is a lot to keep up with and it might not be for everyone, but I will say that I really enjoyed following the antics of these crazy characters. if you are looking for something out of the ordinary than this is definitely the novel for you.

Sonoma – A piece of heaven

17 Aug

So I am still catching up blogging about the last few weeks and can I just say that I absolutely love California, I don’t know what it is but I just always have a hankering to travel there. From Disneyland to Sonoma there is no shortage of things to do. I recently spent a day in Sonoma and for me it was absolutely life changing. I can not imagine a more perfect place to relax, oh and drink copious amounts of wine of course.

Not only is the food and wine amazing the scenery is pretty spectacular as well. I was only able to spend one night but it was by far the best part of my vacation. We flew into Oakland airport and rented a car to drive the 1 hour to Sonoma, which thanks to a missed exit actually took about an hour and a half. Not to shabby for a couple of girls who generally rely on their “always right” boyfriends. Don’t worry we didn’t tell them we actually got lost, no need to fuel the fire. I am sure that many of you can relate.

What to Do…

We only had a day and we wanted to make the most of it and we sure did. Once we arrived, we rented bicycles and cycled to a couple of wineries and I would say from experience if you are operating something with 2 wheels and wine tasting you should definitely wear a helmet. There were no incidents on this particular adventure but if we’d done more than two wineries and if the tasting rooms were open later than 5 PM it just might have gotten out of hand!

Grab your swimsuit and head to the nearest pool, with typically fantastic weather from May to October make sure you soak up some rays. After the wine and ride we enjoyed a poolside nap…amazing!

Visit the spa, we were fortunate enough to stay at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa and use their Bathhouse. It was phenomenal, serene is an understatement. It is by far one of the most relaxing experiences I have ever had.

Bring an appetite, Sonoma is full of local, gourmet food that is to die for! We ate at Sante inside the Fairmont and I do not even have words for the grown up mac and cheese. Oh wait, I believe I said “can you please bring me some more bread so I don’t start licking the sauce out of the bowl” as usual very lady like of me, somethings will never change!

Just breathe… take it all in, it really is that amazing. Oh and do me a favor and don’t forget your camera, the views are out of this world!

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Take me back there PLEASE!

San Francisco – 3 Things I love

14 Aug

A couple of weeks ago my best friend and I had the luxury of taking a boyfriend/husband free vacation and it was glorious. We spent a day in Sonoma and then made the trek back to San Francisco for three more nights. San Fran is an amazing city, there is so much to see and do, fantastic shopping and most importantly some delicious food.

Sourdough Bread – my personal favorite thing about San Fran, forget the stunning views and Alcatraz just give me the bread damn it. Sourdough actually originated in San Fran and god bless them.. seriously where would be without it. I get that not everyone is a self-proclaimed “carbaholic” like me but one fresh slice of this and I have a feeling you may be converted. My personal favorite was the sourdough bread bowl filled with clam chowder from Boudin bakery. If you are ever in San Francisco you absolutely MUST go and eat at Boudin Bakery in Fisherman’s wharf. I promise that you will not be disappointed.

Cable Cars – So cliché and so damn fun! I highly recommend the cable cars I mean really who doesn’t want to hang off the side and take a touristy picture, who cares if you are paying six bucks to travel 5 blocks! It sure beats walking up the steepest hills I have ever seen.

Blue Bottle Coffee Company – This gem is located in the Ferry Building and was recommended to me by Angie at Well Seasoned. Naturally I take all of her advice because when it comes to food she knows best, and I have yet to be disappointed. When I arrived to find a lineup 30 people deep I was really excited. Excited?! Yes excited to stand in line for 20 minutes for a coffee, a piece of advice for all you rookies if you see a giant line outside a restaurant or a coffee shop, do yourself a favor and get in it. There is  a pretty good chance you won’t be disappointed. As I approached the counter I started to realize why the line was slightly longer than normal, their drip coffee is just that! Beans ground right in front of your face, hot water poured over it and drip, drip into your cup. It was the so fresh and right up there with one of the most delicious cups of coffee I have ever had. It was well worth the wait! They have a few locations across the united states, if you come across one get in line… oh and bring me a cup will ya!

In my 24th year…

12 Aug

Thanks to the hard work of my parents, 24 years ago the world was first graced with my presence… thank god for that! Tonight I intend to celebrate with my amazing friends and family and of course dance the night away in my cowboy boots. What more could a girl ask for right?!

As I am getting older I am doing many more “adult things” for example I make a list for everything; daily tasks, grocery shopping, things I want to buy myself, songs I want to download. It is never ending, and in my 24th year I would like to…

plant a herb garden

take more photos

learn how to make a perfect pie crust

run more regularly

have a slumber party

learn how to sew

travel to a place I have never been

volunteer at an animal shelter

read more often

take 10 minutes to myself each day

laugh so hard I cry…everyday!