Monday Morsels

30 Jul

Do you know what three parties in one weekend mean? Monday morning comes way to fast! In fact my body is completely rejecting this whole you have to work business and demanding I head straight back to bed! But today’s struggle is totally worth it because the weekend was amazeballs!

Party Number 1. My niece’s surprise 4th birthday party, yes a 4 year old requested a surprise party…kind of defeats the purpose right?

Well, not to her! She loved her pink and green princess party (and I loved the lone pirate!)

Jodie was also there to capture some great shots of the kids!

Party Number 2. Another surprise party for my boyfriend. It’s not very often I can pull the wool over his eyes, in fact I never have. He guesses every gift, event…you name it, he knows. But not this time! I was finally able to pull something off. It was so much fun and  check out the cake!

Made with my own two hands, and a bit of help (thanks girls!). The birthday events consisted of some exciting and intense drinking games…obviously!

Party Number 3. A beautiful Minnie Mouse Themed Bridal Shower for a beautiful bride to be!

Seriously how cute are all of the Minnie Mouse accents. A round of applause to her bridesmaids for putting it together.

Loved it!

My fatigue is easy to forget when I remember just 2 sleeps until our road trip to Montana, hopefully you have something to get you through the week too!

Happy Monday!



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