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For Your Listening Pleasure

25 Apr

I usually like to give you an explanation on why I am absolutely loving a song, or recommend an entire album but lately I have been obsessed with a few very different songs for no particular reason, other than I think that they are awesome. So here is what is currently playing  on repeat

Springsteen – Eric Church. The song may seem a bit anticlimactic but I really, really like it. Correction – love it.

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Drive By – Train. It just makes me tap my foot, bob my head, slap my knee. You know what old people do when they are totally getting into something. Yes, I am that person.

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Whiskey – Jana Kramer. I never watched one tree hill but a friend that did recommended her music to me all I can say is, thank god!

Young Homie – Chris Rene. I am not sure if any of you watched X Factor but pretty much the only reason I did was for him. Chris Rene stole my heart when he auditioned and he has yet to give it back. I am stoked to see that he is having so much success.

I bet this isn’t exactly what you were expecting but I like to mix it up a little. And there is a good chance most of you probably won’t like any of the songs but hey, that’s okay too. I probably don’t like what you listen to either so there, take that!


Monday Morsels

23 Apr

As usual I had another incredibly busy weekend, 2 parties, 3 softball games and 5 loads of laundry later my vacation could not come at a better time. We definitely need some R & R. Well I doubt our trip will be all that restful since I have already jam packed our schedule with sightseeing, pizza and baseball. But that’s okay we like to be entertained! And don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about you, while I am away I have scheduled a couple of things this week so that you don’t go through withdrawals…I know, I know, I am so thoughtful. You can thank me later!

I may have to get up at 3 :30 AM tomorrow morning but it will totally be worth it for this:

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and this

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and this

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I promise to tel  you all about it – See you in a week!

Happy Monday.


Last Thing Thursday

19 Apr

It has been a bit of a stressful week so I happy to find some cheer in my last thing Thursdays, and I hope that  you do too!

The Last Thing I…

Watched in a theater. The Lucky One. Feel free to roll your eyes, I won’t be offended. I absolutely love Nicholas Sparks, I have read everything he has ever written and may or may not pre-order his novels before they are even released. So when I was offered to attend a an advanced screening of The Lucky One by Fraser Valley Pulse obviously I jumped at the chance. Often times movies just don’t live up to your expectations because the book was just that good, that is NOT the case with The Lucky One. It was such a great representation of the book and I enjoyed every second of it. My only critique would be that Zac Efron left his shirt on for most of the movie, bummer! If you are a sucker for romance do your self a favor and go see this when it is released tomorrow.

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Dreamed about eating. Every single one of the poutines listed in the Vancouver Foodster Poutine Challenge. It’s okay to drool, we are all friends here.

Ate and loved. Birthday Cake Oreos, I know it is a bit juvenile but OMG! It was like a party in my mouth. I really love the cookie part or Oreos but not so much the white icing in the middle. Taboo I know, but I usually scrape it out with a butter knife and just enjoy the cookies. But no more! At least not with the Birthday Cake Oreos, to me the middle tastes like Betty Crocker Confetti icing that I may or may not have been busted eating off a spoon a time or two. If you haven’t tried them make sure you do before they are gone!

Daydreamed about. CHICAGO! Ahhh! I leave in 5 sleeps and I can not tell you how much I am looking forward to a vacation. A vacation full of beer, baseball, and food. Sounds magical right? Most of you are probably like uhhh no, a beach and a margarita sounds magical but we absolutely love exploring new cities, almost as much as we love baseball. Visiting Wrigley field is definitely on our bucket list along with visiting all of the 50 states.

Photo – Kauffman Stadium (Kansas City Royals Ball Park)

Pinned. These earrings. Love them, that is all.

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Good news – it’s almost the weekend!


Monday Morsels

16 Apr

It was a big weekend kids, there were concerts, life milestones, near death experiences and as usual plenty of fun!

Drum roll please…this past weekend I became a real life homeowner. Yes, real life. Andrew and I are now the proud owners of a dated 1 bedroom apartment. Not to worry about the dated portion because we are going to turn dated into awesome! With the possession date quickly approaching in early May we have plenty of work to do, but I think it is safe to say we are up for the challenge. Sadly, I think I think this life milestone makes me an actual grown up…weird!

Shortly after becoming a homeowner I nearly died. Insert gasps here. I might be exaggerating, but a beautiful day snowboarding in Whistler could have turned ugly when my clumsy self caught an edge on a cat track and fell down the side of a steep embankment. I would like to thank the metal sign and then the tree I hit for stopping me from plummeting down the mountain. It was greatly appreciated. Oh and the boys I was with, for dragging my ass back up the hill, they had me out of there faster than I could say I was okay. I did however redeem myself, after a beer and a break I carved the shiz out of the mountain…well kind of. Check out the amazing bluebird day we were able to enjoy.

The rest of my clan stayed in Whistler for the remainder of the weekend but I headed home on Saturday afternoon to go to the Johnny Reid concert with the Lilinator. I bought her the tickets for Christmas not knowing it would be a bit reminiscent of seniors center inside the Pacific Coliseum. Despite the abundance of “mature” attendees I had a great time. He put on an awesome show and I really enjoyed it. I also really enjoyed the people watching, insert aggressive middle aged woman dancing her heart out in front of me here.

Happy Monday!


Last Thing Thursdays

12 Apr

It’s thursday, you know what that means and if you don’t then you need to read this blog more often!

The Last Thing I…

Ate. Overnight Oats. I have been making these for breakfast a few times a week lately because they are so freaking good. Not only do they taste good, they are pretty darn good for you too! Even better, you make them night before so they are ready to go first thing in the morning. I am all about convenience in the morning, anything for those few extra minutes in bed. I gave you a brief explanation a couple of weeks ago but I have tweaked it to perfection. So here is the official recipe:

Overnight Oats

1/3 cup old fashioned oats (don’t use instant or quick cooking – I did this the first time and it was a giant FAIL)

1 teaspoon chia seeds and/or ground flax ( I do a tsp of each)

1 Cup Milk ( I like to alternate between almond and coconut milk but you can use regular dairy milk too)

Put everything into a container that you can seal, give it a stir and refrigerate overnight. I like to top it with fresh fruit and that’s it, breakfast in a snap!

Coveted online. These amazing high waist sailor shorts on the Frock Candy Website, I NEED them. Seriously I do, they are definitely on my list of summer staples. But I should probably try a pair on just in case my ass looks huge…probably an intelligent plan.

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Bought. A glossy box, I am so excited to try this out. If any of you have ever heard of Birch box, it is a Canadian version. We are a little behind the times here, it sometimes takes awhile to catch up in the world of awesome new products.  Basically, each month you receive a personalized package with 5 different high end beauty samples that fit your profile. The cost is $15 per month including tax and shipping. I just purchased one month to see what I think, but I think I am going to like it. I will keep you posted!

Pinned. This teal and coral color combo, I love it! Another one for the ol summer staples check list.

Got Excited for. Today! I am leaving for Whistler tonight for some family time, snowboarding and a little R & R. The hot tub at First Tracks Lodge is calling my name. If you need me, you know where to find me!


Blogroll – Jodie Hadden Photography

10 Apr

A couple of weeks ago, I had some beautiful photos taken by Jodie Hadden, and I can not say enough good things about her work. She does an amazing job. We ventured out to Fort Langley and powered through the pouring rain. And if I do say so myself, I think that she took some pretty amazing shots. Let’s be honest I don’t generally look this good.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But she worked her magic and made all 5 foot 5 of me look like a model…well kinda – I am certainly not model material but I’ll run with it. I also love that she let me channel my inner cowgirl, it was kind of a secret dream of mine. What? Don’t act like that isn’t perfectly normal.

If you are looking to have family photos, head shots, maternity photos, or even photos of your pet you name it – she will own it! Check out her blog – Jodie Hadden Photography or shoot her an email

You won’t be disappointed – I promise!

Monday Morsels

9 Apr

I hope that you were able to enjoy a lovely long weekend! In fact, maybe some of you are still enjoying it, I was meant to work this morning but I decided to take the day off. Which I think is a-okay considering my weekend was jam packed full of Easter Egg Hunts, Birthdays and Sunshine. Yes, you read that right, sunshine It was beautiful and sunny all weekend long – FINALLY!

I took this shot on my drive home from Whistler Friday morning.

And then I bought this Cardigan in celebration of Spring…completely justifiable right? Terrible picture, I know but it was better than trying it on with my pajamas this morning.

And then I consumed too many jello shots.

Pretty good weekend if you ask me!

Happy Monday!