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The Royal Wedding

29 Apr

I have a confession…I have always wanted to be a princess. Damn you Kate Middleton! Just kidding, but I will say that she is one lucky girl even if she is only a Duchess. I wasn’t one of the die hard fans that stayed up to watch the Royal Wedding, nor did I set my alarm to get up and watch it. But… I may have PVR’d it, after all it is my first Royal Wedding. I wasn’t alive to see Princess Diana marry Prince Charles and I didn’t want to miss out on the wedding of the decade. And that it was! It’s a shame my invitation was lost in the mail.

The day was filled with celebrities, lace, carriages, fancy hats and a stunning wedding gown. Kate looked absolutely gorgeous in her Alexander McQueen dress designed by Sarah Burton. Classy and elegant she was the epitome of a princess. It truly was a fairy tale, maybe one day my prince will come…

Oh wait, I think I hear Harry calling my name.


ABC’s of Me

28 Apr

I received this in an email and I thought it would be fun to share:

A. Age: 23 years wise

B. Bed size: Queen, but it’s tight when you have to share with a boy and a dog. I wish I had a king

C. Chore you hate: Laundry… more than anything I HATE sorting, folding, hanging HATE it all.

D. Dogs: Lulu, my favorite person in the whole world. Yes, she is considered a person in my house.

E. Essential start to your day: Brushing my teeth & coffee. I will take coffee breath over morning breath.

F. Favorite color: Purple – any shade!

G. Gold or silver: Gold if it is white… if not I will take silver…I’m not picky or anything.

H. Height: 5’6 and I never wear heels, it’s a hazard!

I. Instruments you play: None, thank god.. I will spare your ears

J. Job title: Executive Director of my everyday life.

K. Kids: Yes, I am still a kid… meaning  No, I will not be reproducing anytime soon

L. Live: In beautiful Vancity.. Vancouver for all you non-locals.

M. Mom’s name: The Lilinator… no explanation needed.

N. Nicknames: Kimmy, Jimmy, Munchkin, KJ… don’t ask!

O. Overnight hospital stays: 2, not bad for a self proclaimed klutz

P. Pet peeve: When people *ahem* no names mentioned leave their laundry in front of the laundry hamper instead of moving it one foot further into the laundry hamper.

Q. Quote from a movie: ‎“Its not a purse, its a satchel…..Indiana Jones has one”

R. Right or left handed: Right

S. Siblings: 2 older sisters, 2 older half sisters, 1 older half brother. What can I say my dad was a busy man!

T. Time you wake up: That depends but generally 9 am on the weekend 7 30 am on weekdays

U. Underwear: sooo many to choose from.. I think I will go with my New York Yankees briefs from Victoria Secret’s PINK MLB line … classic

V. Vegetables you dislike: None! There is a way to make even brussel sprouts taste delicious… it’s called butter.

W. What makes you run late: Nothing, I hate being late and avoid it all costs. I would say it is usually other people.

X. X-Rays you’ve had: Just my hips, pretty uneventful.

Y. Yummy food you make: hmmm tough one… chicken casserole, turkey chilli, peanut butter cupcakes? I don’t know, to many to choose from!

Z. Zoo – favorite animal: All of them, I love, love, love animals…even more than I love people. No joke!


21 Apr

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love Eater between the copious amounts of chocolate and the smell of turkey roasting in the oven it is magical. Nothing beats waking up to do an Easter egg hunt and searching to find all of the treats the Eater bunny has left for you. Yes, I know I’m 23 and yes, the Easter bunny still leaves me presents, don’t judge!  And don’t be deceived about all the warm Easter fuzzies because I will not hesitate to use full body contact if you come between me and an egg.

Ahhh the Easter Egg, so many to choose from…Me, I like the classic Mini Eggs. Soooo good! I don’t know what it is about Cadbury mini eggs that makes them stand out among the masses. It must be that deliciously crunchy, pastel candy coating with the smooth creamy chocolate on the inside. I will admit that I had to eat 2 entire bags to come up with that description, which, for the record I am totally okay with. Does anyone want me to describe it differently… I am happy to try my hand at another bag!


A friend of mine also shares the same love for mini eggs, unfortunately for her so does her dog. Last Easter the little trouble maker found the extra large bag of mini eggs and demolished the entire thing. Not only was she devastated for the loss of these little treasures she were horrified about what might happen to the pooch. She kept a close on her and discovered something new, chocolate does not kill dogs, it just makes their vomit smell like hot chocolate!

Important life lesson learned..


19 Apr

Do you ever walk in somewhere and it smells absolutely amazing? Well when I came home the smell of mint chocolate was wafting through the house and it was magic! I don’t know what I would do with out my sense of smell, especially when I think of a couple scents I can not get enough of.:

Bath and Bodyworks Mint Chocolate Chip Candles & Wallflowers

Photo Credit –

It’s like someone is constantly baking mint chocolate chip cookies in your house, yummy! These puppies are seasonal and let me tell you I can’t wait for winter to stock up, I am on my very last one!

Abercrombie & Fitch Stores

Photo Credit –

I love this smell; I don’t know why, maybe its teenage nostalgia – begging my mom to drive across the border so I could spend my 3 weeks worth of allowance on one lousy logoed t-shirt. Or maybe it’s because I imagine the very good looking, toned, half naked dudes in their advertising. Regardless, it takes me to a happy place.

If I had a million dollars..

18 Apr

… I would hire someone to wash my hair and massage my head every day! I had my hair done a couple of days ago, a regular item on my agenda every 10 weeks. We all know this hair isn’t going to keep itself blonde. Most people don’t really enjoy the hour or two or even three  that they have to spend sitting in a salon chair but, they do it anyway because that is the only way they will get the hairstyle they want. After all, Beauty is pain right? Well bring on the pain, I could sit there all day as long as I knew at some point, someone else would be scrubbing my hair and massaging my scalp . It is so relaxing and there aren’t very many things I would put before it on a list of pampering.

I don’t know what it is about someone else digging their hands in and giving my head a rub down but I love it. And the fact that it only happens every ten weeks is a tragedy.

Now if only I were rich..

A Real Page Turner

17 Apr

I absolutely love to read, I always have, and I am sure that I always will. Magazines, cook books, novels you name it, I will read it, I swear I do not discriminate. Evidently, I also really like to share my life with you so why not combine the two and let you know what is on my night stand right now. I’m currently obsessed with “The Hunger Games” series by Suzanne Collins.

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And when I say obsessed, it is by no means an understatement, I seriously can not put the books down. I have read the entire first book and over half of the second book in less than a week. I think I am developing a heart condition because I am incredibly stressed about what might happen to the characters.  The 3 book series is set in a post-apocalyptic world with 12 districts that are controlled by the capitol. The Hunger games are a annual fight to the death for one boy and one girl from each of the 12 districts; and only one will prevail. I am not sure that I have ever been so invested in the characters, and that is all thanks to the author. She does a phenomenal job capturing and maintaining your attention throughout the entire book. Recently, it was announced that the series is going to be developed into a motion picture that we can all watch play out on the big screen.

Hopefully my heart holds out!

Playoff Fever

13 Apr

I’ve got a fever, and the only cure is…a Canuck victory! I don’t know about you, but this is my favorite time of year to watch hockey, when it really means something. I realize that all of the other games this year had to mean something to get to where we are, but it is just not the same the feeling. Watching a regular season game and watching a playoff game is like night and day.

No, I am not jumping on the bandwagon just because we have a solid chance at the cup. I watch all year round, but I feel like my mentality completely changes once we hit Round 1. It is soooo intense, I get so nervous that I have butterflies in my stomach, I yell at the TV, swear at the refs, coach the players from the couch as if I know better; I really have no idea what comes over me.

I love all of the hype throughout the city: playoff songs, business’s plastered in Canucks logo’s and car flags on 90% of vehicles you see on the street. But I will tell you the one thing I do not love. You guessed it, the playoff beard…gross! If your team only lasts a week it’s not so bad, but when you are a Canuck fan you are bound to have some serious hair growth on that face. To all of you women out there whose partners choose to do this, my heart goes out to you. And to all you men out there that do this, despite what you think it is not okay to look like you are living in the jungle for the next 2 months. I get that some people are very superstitious, so here’s to hoping your partner isn’t the one who doesn’t change their underwear until we lose!

Go Canucks Go!