Last Thing Thursdays

19 Jul

It’s Thursday, you know the drill!

The Last Thing I…

Wanted to Make. These Roasted Carrots with Honey Ginger Glaze. Don’t ask me why, but now I have got a hankering…tonight just might be the night.

Pinned. This Vintage Vanity.

Photo Credit

There is just something about it!

Did. I Went to the Doctor this afternoon, remember when I injured my finger oh say 6 weeks ago? Well it’s still not better, tisk, tisk for waiting so long I know. The verdict? Not broken, thank goodness, now just another 4 weeks to heal my jammed knuckle…sheesh!

Made Fancy. A bad hair day induced messy bun.

Looks like a flower and bow really can do the trick!

Planned to DIY. These chalkboard place mats. I can totally handle this! Plus, they are perfect for parties.

Thanks to Some the Wiser you can do it too!

Listened to. My new favorite song…country obviously!

Hard to Love by Lee Brice, is definitely not hard to love. In fact, it is pretty addictive if you ask me, it may or may not be playing on repeat as I type this.

You should go listen to it…Now! Maybe it will make the weekend come just a little bit faster 🙂


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