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Monday Morsels

8 Oct

I think I had the most productive and low-key weekend I have had in a very long time. Thursday night I was lucky enough to enjoy Carrie Underwood from the 9th row! Technically Thursday isn’t part of the weekend, but I wanted to share how amazing she looked!

She sounded phenomenal,  put on an awesome show and she was so close! The photos above are via iPhone…amazing! On Friday we decided to take it easy and stayed in. We rented “The 5 Year Engagement” (my turn to choose of course!) and had a good laugh.

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Saturday Andrew had to work, so I got up nice and early, took Lulu to the groomers and then on a lovely Fall Walk.

She made sure I got her best angle!  I spent the afternoon in the kitchen making homemade granola. Check back tomorrow for the recipe!

And then on Saturday evening we went and saw another movie (Andrew’s choice) and yes.. our lives are so exciting we watched two movies in one weekend.

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“End of Watch” was better than I expected and not just because Jake Gyllenhaal was in it. The plot was good, but there was a lot of violence. I could have definitely gone for something with a little bit more fluff, Jake helped me through.

Sunday was a day of work, we FINALLY finished our kitchen.



Since buying the apartment we refinished all of the cabinets and the counter top, replaced the appliances, installed new flooring and painted. I think that our little face lift worked wonders. Eventually (when our bank accounts allow it) we will probably replace the cabinets but for now I think it looks a million times better. And I won’t take any credit since Andrew and his Dad did pretty much everything 🙂

Happy Monday!