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Last Thing Thursdays

24 May

I am seriously sleep deprived people. That is all.

The Last Thing I…

Pinned. Apartment Inspiration. Who am I kidding this will probably not be permitted in the new place. Reason? Too girly. Insert eye roll here.

Listened to. Queen of California off John Mayer’s new album Born and Raised. I have to say I am really digging what I have heard so far.

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Really Wanted to Buy.

I saw this skirt on Cupcakes and Cashmere and fell instantly in love…Amazing, Right? Coming soon to my closet!

Bought. Light fixtures, curtains and a vanity. Finally we have moved on to the fun stuff. Pictures to come I promise.

Had to do that I didn’t want to. Take my poor Lulu to the vet. Her ears have just been so bad I knew it was time, and what do you know – a double ear infection. Poor thing, it  was a bit of a traumatizing experience for both of us. It took myself and a vet tech to hold her down to have them cleaned. $220 later she was feeling much better and I was covered in pee. Money well spent!

Ate. Chips for dinner, definitely a downfall of finishing renovations before we move in on Saturday. Or a plus depending on how you look at it.

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Side Note – These new Presidents Choice Pop Chips were not half bad (I had ketchup flavor). I may even be persuaded to eat another bag for dinner.

Planned. Summer projects to start once we are settled in.

Love these jar labels, we are painting a chalkboard wall in our kitchen so this perfect for the leftovers.

PS. It’s almost Friday which is totally exciting for you but for mean it probably means even less sleep and more hard work!