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Monday Morsels – Moving Edition

28 May

Hey kids – I hope that you were able to have an enjoyable weekend because mine really was not awesome. All I can say is moving stinks…oh and I think I am verging on borderline hoarder status. No big deal. But on the bright side I am FINALLY in my apartment. And I have some pretty amazing family and friends for helping with the most disorganized move in history. I was throwing clothes in garbage bags when they arrived. Who am I kidding I was throwing everything in garbage bags, Tupperware, spices, blankets . Glad makes some pretty flexible bags…just sayin! It is really, really exciting amidst the chaos of course. We don’t have any shelving in our closets yet so we are living among clothes mountains.

Lulu is not impressed. There is also the minor issue with the lack of a shower rod, meaning no shower curtain. Who knew how much water could escape, well I do now! Oh and the lack of a mirror definitely caused some pain and suffering for my coworkers.This morning was interesting to say the least.

But in the grand scheme of things these are very minor. And look at what I found to put above our bed. Perfect!

Find your silver lining people!

Happy Monday!



So it’s been a couple weeks…

7 Jul

So it has been over 2 weeks and I am SO sorry! I hope that you missed me as much as I missed you. I am not one for excuses but I thought you  might like to know why I haven’t been writing. I recently made a big move from Burnaby all the way to Aldergrove, I know I am crazy right! But it’s for all the right reasons, we have bought a house and are renovating it. And boy has it been fun… NOT! I have basically been camping for the past week, definitely an experience. I would like to say the worst is over but we haven’t started the kitchen or the master bathroom so I am sure it’s not. In light of all this I am pretty thankful for a few of life’s luxuries that I definitely used to take for granted.

A Refrigerator – I have been living without one since June 29, not cool at all. Tonight mark’s the first night I will get to enjoy cold beverages again, oh and actually go grocery shopping. If only you could see the excitement in my face… pure joy really!

Floors – We had to rip up all of the floors in our place imagine, stained carpets, the lingering smell of cat pee and hideous tile, no thanks!  Replacing the old floors was no easy task but this past weekend the boys finished installing them and they are beautiful. Goodbye cat pee, hello shiny new hardwood.

A Bathtub – It has been over a year since I have actually been able to enjoy a bath. Let’s not jump to conclusions here, yes, I have bathed in the past year I just haven’t been able to actually soak in a bathtub. The place that we were living in before only had a stand up shower so I wasn’t afforded this luxury. But now it’s on..

Now that everything is as back to normal as it’s going to be my blogging is back on schedule…I promise!