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Monday Morsels

16 Apr

It was a big weekend kids, there were concerts, life milestones, near death experiences and as usual plenty of fun!

Drum roll please…this past weekend I became a real life homeowner. Yes, real life. Andrew and I are now the proud owners of a dated 1 bedroom apartment. Not to worry about the dated portion because we are going to turn dated into awesome! With the possession date quickly approaching in early May we have plenty of work to do, but I think it is safe to say we are up for the challenge. Sadly, I think I think this life milestone makes me an actual grown up…weird!

Shortly after becoming a homeowner I nearly died. Insert gasps here. I might be exaggerating, but a beautiful day snowboarding in Whistler could have turned ugly when my clumsy self caught an edge on a cat track and fell down the side of a steep embankment. I would like to thank the metal sign and then the tree I hit for stopping me from plummeting down the mountain. It was greatly appreciated. Oh and the boys I was with, for dragging my ass back up the hill, they had me out of there faster than I could say I was okay. I did however redeem myself, after a beer and a break I carved the shiz out of the mountain…well kind of. Check out the amazing bluebird day we were able to enjoy.

The rest of my clan stayed in Whistler for the remainder of the weekend but I headed home on Saturday afternoon to go to the Johnny Reid concert with the Lilinator. I bought her the tickets for Christmas not knowing it would be a bit reminiscent of seniors center inside the Pacific Coliseum. Despite the abundance of “mature” attendees I had a great time. He put on an awesome show and I really enjoyed it. I also really enjoyed the people watching, insert aggressive middle aged woman dancing her heart out in front of me here.

Happy Monday!