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The Roost Tribe

6 Oct

About a month or so ago, one of my favorite bloggers, Bonnie from Going Home to Roost started something pretty fantastic…The Roost Tribe. Essentially, it is a monthly membership that provides you with some pretty unique benefits including; printables, recipes, graphics, blogging tips, and much more premium content you won’t find anywhere else.

Not only is it awesome but at only $5, a month, it’s kind of like stealing! I have no problem giving up one Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte a month to reap the benefits of the roost tribe…and that’s saying a lot, I really like Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

Sign up today and you will still receive all of the October goodies.

You’re Welcome!



Monday Morsels

1 Oct

Oh hey there Monday, so nice to see you…well maybe not so much. I had a fantastic and somewhat relaxing weekend, relaxing, yes that is what I said. Weird, I know! On Friday I received a couple of sweet surprises in the mail.

This adorable print from Bonnie over at Going Home to Roost.

I can’t wait to frame it and find a place for it in our home. And then I opened my September Glossybox.

It was packed full of goodies, including; a full makeup palette, deodorant, Wella shine serum and more. It might just be my favorite yet! I also watched this little rugrat play soccer.

Did a bit of shopping and then caught up on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. I am so devastated that the season is over!

On Saturday, I started the day with a little bit of reading

I don’t know where my deep love for magazines stems from but you can always count on finding a giant stack of them under my coffee table.

I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning, and then I filled the house with groceries…not very exciting at all, but someone has got to do it! On Saturday night we decided to see a movie.

I think the last movie I saw in the theater was Magic Mike, it felt like I hadn’t been to the theater in forever! Trouble with the Curve was awesome, and no, not just because it was a baseball movie. It had a great cast and I really enjoyed it, I would definitely recommend it.

On Sunday I did the CIBC Run For The Cure. The Fun Bags (thanks Nick) totally rocked!  What an amazing and inspiring morning. I am so happy to have shared it with some of my favorite people!

And to my own surprise, I crushed that 5k. And then, I finally had the opportunity to attend the Food Cart Fest at The Waldorf Hotel. Where I enjoyed some well deserved pupusas at the Guanaco Food Truck.

I also sampled the Steamed Chicken Bun at Le tigre

and ended the day with some Earnest ice Cream.

Seriously people, you have got to try this ice cream. It is absolutely amazing, so creamy, possibly even the best I have ever had. My flavor choice? You guessed it, Hair of the Pig…and it was to die for!

You should go get some…like now!

Happy Monday!


Blogroll – Going Home to Roost

14 Sep

You know what I think? I think that I am a really good at sharing don’t you? And on this beautiful Friday afternoon I feel like sharing another awesome blog with you. Remember when I told you about Emily over at Peck Life? Well, thanks to Emily I have discovered Bonnie over at Going Home to Roost. And thank goodness for that!

Let me count the ways I love this blog…too many!  The creativity and inspiration Bonnie puts into each post is just divine, everything is so unique and thoughtful. Not only does she have handy DIY’s, she is also a pretty fantastic designer. My favorite piece of her masterpiece has got to be Simple Living, it is just so darn useful!  In my opinion Going Home to Roost is a breath of fresh air, there is always something exciting and I just adore it….I think you will too!

So head on over and follow along with me!

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You’re Welcome 😉