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Blogroll – Peck Life

8 Sep

Not to long ago I cam across a lovely little blog that  much like my own, covers all facets of life. From food and crafts, to style and fun finds, Emily over at Peck Life does a pretty fantastic job of keeping me entertained. Plus, we are kind of like neighbors, she is from Washington and we both call the Pacific Northwest…totally neighbors!

Every week her Friday Favorites introduces me to something new and awesome, and you know how I feel about new and awesome. This week it was banana bread in a jar and last week it was dinner on the farm.

If you like me, you will totally like her…promise!

Make sure you go and check out her fabulous blog, I mean really, have I disappointed you yet?

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Blogroll – Fresh Family Cooking

24 Aug

I think that we all know I love Pinterest, like really love it. In fact, I have already planned my entire wedding! No, I am not engaged…moving on. The reason I am telling you this is because Pinterest has led me to discover yet another fantastic blog.

Fresh Family Cooking is an amazing blog written by Marla Meredith, ahem my favorite pinner! I love everything she pins on pinterest, so naturally I kind of love everything she writes about on her blog. She not only focuses on healthy food, but also travel, lifestyle, DIY crafts and pretty much anything else she is digging at the moment. I like her style! Not only that, she is an amazing photographer and her blog is by far one of the prettiest I have ever seen.

Told ya so!

I look forward to her posts each week, and once you get a taste of Fresh Family Cooking I think you will too. Oh, and don’t forget to follow her on Pinterest!



Blogroll – Iowa Girl Eats

11 Jul

Iowa Girl Eats is most definitely a daily read for me. I kind of love this blog, which I guess is pretty evident considering that I am telling you about it. But I just wanted to make sure you knew how I truly felt! Kristin hails from Iowa and fills her blog with absolutely delicious recipes, workouts and one of my favorite things the daily escapes. Today’s feature, Dublin!

Photo Credit

Every Friday she also shares her favorite finds from around the web, including food, fashion, funnies, travel, art, DIY and more!

Her philosophy is Eat Well, Run Often, Travel Far, and to be honest I couldn’t agree more! Make sure you head over to Iowa Girl Eats, you won’t be disappointed…Promise! You can also follow Kristin on Twitter @iowagirleats


Blogroll – Espresso and Cream

22 Jun

If Madison didn’t live in Iowa we would be best friends I know it. We both have blonde hair (important), we are the same age, love to cook and enjoy writing for all of you lovely people. Instant BFF’s I tell ya!

No but really, she writes an awesome and informative blog and her no fat talk Tuesdays are incredibly inspiring. It’s a great spot to find recipes and I am a dedicated reader of Espresso and Cream…you probably should be too! I mean really, have I let you down yet?


Blogroll – Jodie Hadden Photography

10 Apr

A couple of weeks ago, I had some beautiful photos taken by Jodie Hadden, and I can not say enough good things about her work. She does an amazing job. We ventured out to Fort Langley and powered through the pouring rain. And if I do say so myself, I think that she took some pretty amazing shots. Let’s be honest I don’t generally look this good.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But she worked her magic and made all 5 foot 5 of me look like a model…well kinda – I am certainly not model material but I’ll run with it. I also love that she let me channel my inner cowgirl, it was kind of a secret dream of mine. What? Don’t act like that isn’t perfectly normal.

If you are looking to have family photos, head shots, maternity photos, or even photos of your pet you name it – she will own it! Check out her blog – Jodie Hadden Photography or shoot her an email

You won’t be disappointed – I promise!

Blogroll – Spoon Fork Bacon

28 Nov

Enough said right? Yeah, I thought so too.

I absolutely, love food blogs, I find a lot of joy in reading up on new recipes and trying them at home. Not to mention, drooling over the images. Spoon Fork Bacon is no exception and really, who wouldn’t want to read a food blog with bacon in the title…seriously bacon should be it’s own food group. Teri and Jenny do a fantastic job incorporating a variety of delicious recipes and images in their carefully crafted blog. Do your self a favor and check it out, you won’t be disappointed…promise!

All of you vegetarians out there, don’t judge a book by it’s cover, there are plenty of meat free recipes as well!

Blogroll – Gingerbread Bagels

30 Sep

If you have a sweet tooth like I do and you have not been reading this blog…well then you are just not living at all. You have been missing out on life’s sweetest pleasures, Gingerbread bagels. Lindsey defines her blog as baking pure delicious love and I could not agree more. From cookies and cupcakes to breads and pies, I frequently share her recipes on Twitter. Not only is she creative, she also utilizes everyday snack food, ahem Oreos, in her baked goods. How could you not fall in love?

Looking for fantastic sweet treat recipes? Then gingerbread bagels is where it is at!