Falling for Autumn

2 Oct

I can not believe it is already the second day in October, time really does fly! I think its safe to say Fall is finally here in Vancouver. Officially, the first day of Fall was almost two weeks ago, but at that time we were still enjoying sunshine and abnormally warm temperatures, and I was cursing Summer for still kicking around. And I am sure you are now cursing me for getting rid of what is likely your favorite season. And to that I say…you had time people, and now its mine! Selfish? Maybe…but I am okay with that. There are a lot of reasons why Fall is my favorite season. Let’s break it down shall we?

1. Pumpkin. I love pumpkin, like really love it; Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Pumpkin Muffins, Pumpkin Pie…I do not discriminate against any pumpkin flavored item. If I could embrace the pumpkin theme all year round without being judged I totally would. This fall I am hoping to embrace a few new pumpkin recipes including:

Pumpkin Chocolate Swirl Bundt Cake

Creamy Pumpkin Pasta

2. Fall TV. It means all of my favorite shows are returning and new ones are beginning. I am most looking forward to all of my weekly staples; Hawaii Five O, 2 Broke Girls, Greys Anatomy, Private Practice, New Girl and Hart of Dixie! As for debuting shows Nashville is at the top of my list.

3. Boots. I love boots, cowboy boots, riding boots, ankle boots and even fuzzy boots. But I do not love sweaty ankles, let’s face it, it is just uncomfortable! Which means this collection of beauties have been hibernating for the last few months.

Not to mention that unlike sandals, boots cover my feet, which means I no longer have to worry about how horrendous they look. They take a year round beating constantly being stuffed into either softball or soccer cleats, pedicures help, but lets be honest, they don’t survive more than a week or two. The moral of the story…I just like boots, okay?

4.Fresh Produce. Don’t get me wrong I love all the fruit that is so readily available in Summer, but for the most part I am a big fan of vegetables. And the vegetable selection in Autumn is the absolute best!

Image Credit

Potatoes, squash, carrots and beets. It’s about to go down in my kitchen!

What are your favorite things about Fall? Enlighten me!


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