Monday Morsels

24 Sep

It’s Monday…obviously. Unfortunately, for me,  it’s one of those Monday’s you wish you could stay in bed all day. I could use just one more day of the weekend…and oh, what a weekend it was. On Friday night I tried my hand at a hairstyle I had been eying on pinterest.

I’d say it was a success, here are the step by step instructions.

And then we went for dinner at Cinema.

This BLTA sandwich was absolutely delicious, the rosemary mayo really put it over the top. Dinner was followed by the Jason Mraz concert.

Can you say amazing?! He was out of this world!

I definitely did not want it to end.

On Saturday I took my niece to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese and I think I had just as much fun as the kids. I forgot what a blast it is to play all of the games.

The girls took part in some illegal riding activity, which may or may not have been fully condoned by the parents.

And then on Saturday night I got to meet one of my best friends’ new puppy.

Bear! How cute is she! The puppy snuggles were followed by another friends’ art show and a girls night.

If you have noticed the 3 glasses of wine I am holding, don’t jump to conclusions! They aren’t all mine…

Let’s just say I certainly had my share of beverages and sadly due to an “inexplicable illness” the following morning I did not make it to the food cart fest. Devastating… I know!

On the bright side, two of my favorite shows are back on tonight, 2 Broke Girls and Hawaii Five O. It’s all about finding your silver lining people.

Happy Monday!



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