Blogroll – Going Home to Roost

14 Sep

You know what I think? I think that I am a really good at sharing don’t you? And on this beautiful Friday afternoon I feel like sharing another awesome blog with you. Remember when I told you about Emily over at Peck Life? Well, thanks to Emily I have discovered Bonnie over at Going Home to Roost. And thank goodness for that!

Let me count the ways I love this blog…too many!  The creativity and inspiration Bonnie puts into each post is just divine, everything is so unique and thoughtful. Not only does she have handy DIY’s, she is also a pretty fantastic designer. My favorite piece of her masterpiece has got to be Simple Living, it is just so darn useful!  In my opinion Going Home to Roost is a breath of fresh air, there is always something exciting and I just adore it….I think you will too!

So head on over and follow along with me!

Read Along at the Going Home to Roost Blog

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Follow along Going Home to Roost’s Tweets

You’re Welcome 😉


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