Monday Morsels

10 Sep

It is beautiful and sunny Monday morning here in Vancouver, looking out your window you might question whether or not Summer has come to a close. But then I stepped outside in flip flops and pajama pants to walk Lulu, and it sure felt like Fall. Despite the blinding sun, the air was crisp and chilly and to be honest, I was totally okay with it, just like I am totally okay with walking my dog in tacky pajama pants and purple flip flops. I am also totally okay with the fact that I only had a 1 day weekend, why you ask? Well, because it was awesome!

On Friday I received my August Glossy Box. Not to shabby, 2 lipsticks, make up remover, face masks and more. This just doesn’t get old, I adore getting these in the mail every month, I might even say it’s the best $15 purchase ever. You can order yours here.

And then we went for PHO at our favorite little spot PHO 101

We decided to take it easy at home and watch a movie, Andrew’s pick – Smoking Aces, my thoughts? Don’t waste your time. I think I should get to pick every time…just sayin. I was at least able to enjoy a homemade Huckleberry Lemonade and reminisce about Montana while people blew each other up on the TV.

I had to work on Saturday but we did head out with some friends Friday evening. There were fishbowls

and beer samplers

and some of the most delicious nachos (bad blogger I forgot to take a photo!). All of these lovely treats were enjoyed at Rogue Kitchen and Wet Bar. I will definitely be going back.

And then on Sunday I finally baked Jenna’s Whole Wheat Applesauce Loaf Cake (sans icing)

and had my first soccer game of the Season.

Naturally, it poured rain as soon as the game started…typical. All in all, I think it was a pretty fantastic couple of days. Hopefully yours, was just as good, if not better than mine!

Happy Monday!



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