Caprese Breakfast Sandwich

5 Sep

Sorry I missed you on Monday I was busy sleeping away the 11 hour car ride home. I literally did not sleep on Sunday night after Andrew’s team won the NSA World Series.

So exciting, and the first team ever from British Columbia to earn the honor! Sorry I just had to brag a little bit, even though I had no part in it (other than drinking Palm Bays all weekend). I bet you are wondering how on earth this relates to breakfast, well this breakfast sandwich is quite possibly the best one I have ever had, and it makes a fantastic substitute for dinner when you have slept the day away are looking for something quick and easy or if you need to take something on the run.

Caprese Breakfast Sandwich


1 whole wheat bun

1 Large Egg

1 Tablespoon garlic mayonnaise

5-10 fresh basil leaves

3 Slices of roma tomato

3 slices of bocconcini cheese (the large balls)you can also substitute buffalo mozzarella

Salt and pepper to taste

Instructions you probably don’t need these, it’s pretty simple, but hey, a little direction never hurt right?!

Cook your egg to your liking. I prefer over easy, I like the yolk to be nice and runny. Just before it is done top with the bocconcini cheese

While your egg is cooking assemble the sandwich; garlic mayo, basil, tomato.

Top with the cheesy egg and enjoy!


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