Last Thing Thursdays

30 Aug

I am heading out as we speak to drive 11 hours to Calgary…shoot me now. Just kidding! I am actually really looking forward to watching Andrew play in the World Series and eating donuts, the commute is the only downer. But lets be honest I will probably sleep most of the way, I’m good at that. Here is a little something to brighten your morning.

The Last Thing I…

Crossed Off my Summer Bucket List. Pinkberry! And thank goodness because summer is almost over 😦

Finally! I had the coconut frozen yogurt with an assortment of fruit, a little bit of almond roca and topped with pizelle. Loved it, every last bite, I didn’t share.

Discovered. That H & M has a home store in the UK, and in early 2013 it will be hitting the US of A. Maybe I am behind the times but I feel like I am usually pretty “on it” when it comes to the shopping scene. And if you ask me, this is pretty bad ass news (in the best way possible). I spent a solid hour creeping the website and getting myself all worked up. I love this

And  this

And I am buying this.

How excited are you? Or is just me? Finger crossed they put one in Seattle!

Bought. Yet another denim shirt, I thought I might be taking it too far with 3 in my closet. Then, I counted my cardigans….we won’t go there.


Wanted to Buy. These wooden bangles.

via Fancy French Cologne

I love the color combinations. Adorable!

Wanted to DIY. This wicked quote poster. Basically you just place your quote on top of a print and then paint over it. Easy peasy!

They did an awesome job on this wall art over at A Beautiful Mess and I feel like I could totally rock this. Now to find the time…

Pinned. These Martha Stewart Peanut Butter Toffee Cookies.

It is a road trip after all…

I will do my best to stay in touch while we are away. Happy almost weekend!


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