Montana Roadtrip Part 1

22 Aug

Having never been to Montana I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. All that I was told is that it would be perfectly okay to wear my cowboy boots, in fact, it would probably bring up my cool factor a few notches….naturally I was “in” right away. Andrew and I left early on a Wednesday morning to embark on our 11 hour drive. But no road trip is complete with out a pit stop for donuts….that’s how we roll.

Andrew had the maple bacon bar and loved it. Can you tell?

And I sampled the cinnamon sugar cake donut, it was delish!

I was actually shocked to learn that it would only take us 11 hours to drive across 3 states. Living in British Columbia, there are places within our own province that are much further. The pristine lakes, lush greenery, wind farm and beautiful sunset made for one the most scenic road trips I have ever taken.

For any of you that have driven to The Gorge in Washington to see a concert, you basically continue past that and through Idaho and on to Montana. We arrived quite late in the evening and went straight to bed, because we were looking to our first full day in Kalispell and driving through Glacier National Park.

Unfortunately, when we woke up it was not the clearest of days. It was a overcast, and a bit foggy but that did not stop us from going. A little bad weather was not going to ruin our trip, we are from Vancouver after all! When I was researching the trip, the one thing that every article recommended was to “go the sun road”. Basically, it is a man made road that runs through the heart of Glacier National Park. And it is the only road that crosses through the continental divide at Logan’s Pass. The twisty, turny and narrow two lane road is certainly not an easy drive, but with views like this

it is totally worth it! We stopped at a few different points including Mcdonald Lake

and Mcdonald Creek.

and once we arrived at Logan’s Pass we knew the 45 minute drive up was well worth it.

I highly recommend adding Glacier National Park and Going the Sun Road to your bucket list. It is absolutely stunning, I can’t even imagine the scenery on a clear day…I was blown away even in the fog.

To Be Continued…


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