Monday Morsels

20 Aug

Honey I’m Home! Sorry for the minor hiatus, but I deserved a little time off didn’t I?

It was definitely a nice few days to myself, Andrew was away in Ontario for softball so I celebrated my birthday in neon shorts…and cowboy boots of course!

And then I went on a girls trip to the Okanagan. There were wineries

lots of wineries!

I have been wine touring in Sonoma but this was definitely a whole new experience. The Okanagan scenery was amazing and the wine was delicious, I can’t wait to go wine touring with the girls again!

Even more fun? Tubing in Osoyoos.

It was an absolute blast, we may be 25 but we’ve still got it! And then on Friday I got was beyond excited to celebrate my dear friends wedding. Can you say beautiful bride?!

After so much excitement, you would think that this would be a horrible Monday, but time off, great friends and some rest and relaxation were exactly what I needed!

Happy Monday!



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