Book Review – The Best of Me

4 Aug

I have no shame in admitting that I am a huge Nicholas Sparks fan. I just love him, and there is nothing wrong with that! I also have no shame admitting that I pre-ordered “The Best of Me” on my Kindle in September and only recently finished reading it. I lead a busy life okay people.

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Back to Nicholas. He makes me happy, sometimes he makes me sad but mostly his books just warm my heart.  If only life were really like his books and I lived on the beaches of North Carolina…sigh!

The Best of Me in true Nicholas Sparks form, is full of sap and is no exception in the tear-jerker department. Although, at times he can be a bit predictable (don’t act like someone doesn’t always die) this book definitely has a bit of suspense and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The book begins in 1984 where high school students Amanda and Dawson fall deeply in love. However, as always, it is just not that simple. Amanda comes from a very wealthy and prestigious family. While Dawson was born into the most notorious crime family in Oriental, North Carolina. Despite, their determination to defy the odds and live happily ever after, an unfortunate event changes everything and tears them apart.

Having never seen each other or spoken again, 25 years later, they are both summoned back to the town they grew up in to carry out the last wishes of a dear friend. The two of them have led not only separate but very different lives and must find a way to reconnect as they carry out the instructions left behind for them. During the weekend they are forced to relive painful memories , uncover secrets and eventually remember their intense and oh so real love affair. And at then end of it, they must ask themselves, can you rewrite your past?

If you are a Nicholas Sparks fan, you will love The Best of Me. It has a great plot and is heartwarming, suspenseful and of course romantic! Obviously, I love him so I recommend you read this but let’s be honest, not everyone is a sap like me and Nicholas just isn’t for everyone.

Happy Reading!


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