Last Thing Thursdays

2 Aug

I may be on vacation but I haven’t forgotten about your favorite weekly feature, I’m good to you…I know.

The Last Thing I…

Made. This kick ass beer cake for Andrew’s surprise party. I know I already told you about it but I thought I would share how to do it, just in case you wanted to win the girl friend of the year award. Next year that is, I’ve already taken this years award…sorry!

The DIY is available on Sweet’n Treats Blog.

Wanted to Make. Emily’s Strawberry Banana Bread

In fact I could go for some right now.

Pinned. This collection burlap crafts

Move over mason jars, I think I have a new obsession…just kidding. I love both, obviously!

Actually applied from Pinterest to real life. This bridal shower gift idea, buying a bottle of wine or champagne for the married couples first milestones. The Wedding Night, First Fight, First Dinner Party and First Anniversary.

I was smitten as soon as I saw it, and it was the perfect fit for the bride to be. The two of us…we kind of like wine. You can find the DIY and labels here.

Thought you should know about. When Andrew and I started dating I didn’t have a clue about the BBQ family I was getting into. If you don’t know what that means watch an episode of BBQ pit masters…it’s real life! And it’s so awesome, competitive BBQ is actually why we are in Montana. It is not quite as big here in Canada as it is in the U, S of A but it is definitely catching on. Part of that is because we do not have such easy access to a lot of the products and paraphernalia as our American friends. But it is about to take off with the introduction of this amazing new online BBQ retail store, Canada Q! Finally Canadians can order all of their favorite products from one place without leaving home!

Laughed Out Loud about. The Campaign Movie Trailer.

You’re dying right now, I know it…so funny! Will Ferrell is not for everyone but he is definitely for me. Hopefully this carries you through to the weekend!


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