Monday Morsels

9 Jul

It’s Monday…sigh I know. But let’s find our silver lining on this beautiful sunshiny Monday. The rain seems to have left Vancouver (don’t worry I am knocking on wood as I speak!) and it is an absolutely beautiful day. I didn’t have much of a weekend, I had to work yesterday and organized a fundraiser on Saturday. Let’s talk about that for a few minutes shall we!?

On September 30, myself and some of my closest friends and family are doing the CIBC Run for the Cure in Vancouver. My sister in Reno was diagnosed last year, luckily it was caught early and she has recently finished her treatment with a clean bill of health. None the less, in a situation where I was helpless, I wanted to do something. Enter the Fun Bags!

On Saturday night the Fun Bags hosted a pub night fundraiser and with the help of our families, friends and coworkers we raised $1200.00 for our team!!It was incredibly well executed and a lot of fun. So thank you to everyone that had a hand in it!

Sadly we didn’t take a team photo so this is about 1/4 of the team. I will be sure to get one on race day!

The pub night took up most of my free time but I did have a few spare moments to stuff my face with Antons Gnocchi. My fav!

Plant my herb garden, I love that I am checking things off my Summer Bucket List

Just waiting for the chalkboard paint to dry so I can write on the planters.

And spent some quality time with my pup!

Happy Monday!!



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