Last Thing Thursdays

5 Jul

All I can say is the sun is finally out in Vancouver, better late than never right?!

The Last Thing I…

Bought. This summer cardigan and I have been waiting for a day like today to bust it out. Even better, it was a steal on the clearance rack at target for $6.48. BAM!

P.S. This camera angle does great things for my chest area…Warning, these are not to scale!

Wanted to buy. This iPhone case I found on etsy.

Too cute…I LOVE it!

Tried on a whim. An iced organic root beer float tea from David’s Tea. Sounds weird right? That’s why I tried it…I am adventurous like that. And it paid off, it was surprisingly delicious and refreshing.

I had it made in store but you can also buy the loose leaf tea in store or online and make it yourself. It is the perfect drink for this sunny summer afternoon.

Was totally smitten for. This peach blouse.

I need it and everything else in Emily’s closet!

Laughed hysterically at. An app called aLike, you put in your photo and it tells you what celebrity you look most like. Except I wouldn’t say it’s completely accurate…Check out this photo of my boyfriend as a kid.

I see the resemblance…don’t you? NOT! Oh and for the record if you don’t hear from me for a while it’s because I have been shot for posting that photo of him.

It’s been nice knowing ya!



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