Thank Goodness for Baba’s Perogies

4 Jul

Prepare yourselves, I have something really awesome to share with you. Perogies! Yes, delicious potato filled perogies. You can thank me later.

Baba’s Perogies is local Vancouver business that features from scratch, hand made perogies and other Ukrainian favorites including borscht and cabbage rolls. Ali started this home based business a few months ago not knowing it would blow up into a lower mainland phenomenon. The venture was started originally as a hobby she inherited from her Grandma(Baba) and shared with family and friends. It has grown so much she is now renting industrial kitchen space to make her perogies and has had to condense her menu to keep up with the onslaught of orders.

Recently, I had the privilege of sampling pretty much every item on the menu and it was glorious. I am a changed woman! I really like perogies, and I would say I purchased the ones from the freezer isle in the grocery store at least once a month thinking that they were the real deal…wrong! The difference between the fresh ingredients and hand made dough is astronomical, not to mention there are no additives or preservatives.

My favorite was definitely the jalapeno garlic potato and cream cheese with onion potato and cheddar coming in a close second. View the full menu here.

In addition to the gourmet selection, each month also highlights a feature perogy and this month it is the Paradise perogy  – Banana, Nutella, Pecan and Coconut.

Photo Credit – Erin Ireland

Hold me back people!

Do yourself a favor and make sure you sample these beauties! I mean really have I let you down yet?

You can learn more about Baba’s Perogies on their facebook page and orders can be placed via email Even better, sample dessert perogies at Tommy’s Cafe in North Vancouver



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