Monday Morsels

2 Jul

I hope you all were able to enjoy a fabulous long weekend! Mine was definitely jam packed full of activities. On Friday night I celebrated a friends 30th Birthday with an amazing race in North Vancouver.

We started off a Lonsdale Quay

and made our way across North Vancouver with pit stops and road blocks along the way. Which included, a blind gelato tasting, a Wal-Mart price hunt, trivia and tacky outfit dress up.

We didn’t win but hey, it was a blast and really well executed so kudos to the lovely ladies that organized!

Saturday I spent most of the  day waiting. Why you ask? Well for this…

Photo Credit

I went with the girls to see Magic Mike, we had pre purchased our tickets to see Channing Tatum take off his clothes, and thank god we did because the movie was sold out when we arrived. The plot and acting definitely left something to be desired. But let’s be honest I don’t think many people are lining up to be engrossed in the story line of Magic Mike, they were there strictly for the muscles. And I know this because of all the giggling, sighs, clapping and inappropriate comments coming from around the theater. I probably should have left the Lilinator (my mom) at home 😉  On to the stripping…let’s just say it was worth every penny!

Photo Credit

If you don’t mind sitting through some mediocre acting in order to see more pelvic thrusting than you could ever imagine, then this is the show for you!

Sunday I was able to get a couple of things done around the house. Including breaking in the chalkboard wall in our kitchen (thanks Amber)

What do you think?

And I celebrated Canada’s Birthday with a red and white dessert.

And then I ate a second dessert, Moose Tracks ice cream…the Canadian reference makes it totally justifiable, eh?

Happy Monday!


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