Genius DIY for Everyday Household Products

23 Jun

First things first, the winner of the designer band aid giveaway is msboyd! Yay for making injuries fancy and thanks to everyone that entered!

Moving on to something totally awesome…I am really in to the idea of re purposing old, useless things into new and totally useful things. I think that part of it stems from my hoarding tendencies and inability to just throw stuff away. I will  hide things in cupboards so Andrew doesn’t find them give things to friends or donate them before I just throw them in the garbage. I blame my mother entirely for this trait, and in turn she will blame good ol’ Gran who still has daycare toys just in case kids come over (she hasn’t run a daycare in at least ten years). So thanks Gran, because of you I find tips like these to be just amazing!

Removing residual wax and Reusing Candle Jars!

Click here for step by step instructions. Thanks Snap Guide for preventing me from ever recycling another candle jar!

Have you ever stolen a hotel towel to wrap up your scorching hot flat iron? Guilty! I know it’s terrible but the last thing I want to find when I get home are ruined clothes. Thanks to this little idea from Creative Juices my towel thieving days are over.

Find out to make a flat iron cover out of a pot holder and DIY here. Ladies, you’re totally excited right now, I know it.

I can’t say that I have been known to hoard the tabs from pop cans but after seeing this genius idea from Idea Bottle, I am definitely going to start!

These little tabs are going to allow me to double my closet storage! If you are like me, a lack of closet space is always an issue! Even if your boyfriend has graciously donated the entire semi walk in closet in the bedroom to you and his clothes now shares a closet with the coats in  the entryway. True love I tell ya! But even having the entire thing to myself I still struggle to have enough space…well not anymore kids! From now on when Andrew says I can’t buy something because I don’t have room in my closet I’ll show him!

You know that really nice tins that cookies or chocolates come in at Christmas time…you always want keep them right? I mean you never know when you might need to use them to store things in. Okay, maybe that’s just me. But I think you are going to start keeping them know.

I absolutely love the idea of re purposing these tins to use as gift boxes. Cynthia Shaffer uses a winter theme but you could also use them for birthdays, showers or any other type of gift. Mix up the colors, add a little ribbon and you are a crafting genius.

Hopefully these little tips inspire you to re purpose something old into something new.

Have a great weekend!


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