Last Thing Thursdays

14 Jun

It’s Thursday, hoorah!  And its an even more glorious Thursday, because I have been lucky enough to spend the past week in Whistler. I have been here strictly for work purposes but I have still been able to enjoy some free time, love free time!

The Last Thing I…

Did. Ran! And it felt good. I have been pretty lazy lately…no excuses. The scenery on the trail definitely helped me forget how tired I was.

Missed. My pup – it’s tough spending a week away from this face!

Yes that is the Minnie Mouse quilt I’ve had since I was 9…Disney makes good quality stuff okay?

Discovered. Lovenell Clothing, I actually don’t have a clue how I stumbled upon this website but I am sooo glad it happened. How adorable is this dress?

Perfect for cowboy boots, I think so!

Watched. My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding. Don’t judge me, when you are staying in a hotel it is perfectly okay to watch trashy TV.

Photo Credit

All I can say is WHAT THE?

Pinned. I can not even begin to express my love for cowboy boots.

A girl can dream right?

Got excited for. This weekend! I have a stagette for one of my besties, she doesn’t know details so it wouldn’t be fair to spill the details to you first, but it going to be a blast. I’ll fill you in on Monday, promise!

P.S. One more sleep and it’s Friday!



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