Monday Morsels

11 Jun

It’s Monday and guess what? I am down a finger. Somehow I managed to jam/bruise the pointer finger on my right hand. Unfortunately, this isn’t accompanied by a hilarious story….just stupidity. I was playing softball and diving back to the base, fingers were up instead of down.

What have I learned?

  • Your hand looks incredibly weird when you knuckle lacks definition, somewhat reminiscent of a cocktail weenie.
  • This is a very important finger, from putting my hair up to buttoning my pants things are just a little but more difficult.
  • Fingers up damn it!

I then played wine pong beer pong to numb the pain. And it did…until the next morning.

So I called the Lilnator over to fold my laundry, because my finger hurt…and dreamed about someone baking these chocolate chip toffee gooey butter cakes for me.

Photo Credit.

Hopefully someone makes them for you.

Happy Monday!



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