Frontier Restaurant Chicago

2 Jun

Continued from Chicago – What We Ate

I promised I would tell you and I always keep my promises! So here it is, hands down the best thing we ate in Chicago was at Frontier Restaurant in West Town.

It was a subway ride away from downtown but it was certainly worth the trip. I had actually purchased a Travelzoo voucher prior to our trip and let me tell you, it was the best $19 I have spent in a very long time. I like a deal, a bargain just really gets my blood pumping, so I didn’t exactly have any expectations other than the menu looked good and it would be an affordable vacation meal.

Well my lack of expectations were blown out of the water and I would have been willing to pay far more for the dining experience we had. Frontier focuses on a farm to table concept, meaning that everything you eat there is locally sourced and that the chef has likely hand picked the items on your plate. The menu consisted of unique game meats with a classic twist. With items like a pulled boar sandwich and llama meatballs how can your taste buds not be intrigued. We actually had the Smoked Goat Reuben and the Ahi tuna Sandwich, they were both exceptional. And the rosemary fries…to die for! My apologies for the blurry photo…we just couldn’t wait to stuff our faces.

I also had a side salad, that was out of this world. I know what you are thinking, it’s just a salad…but seriously however they prepared that salad made my heart (and tummy) happy! Not only was the food good it had a really great vibe and a fantastic bar.

We loved it so much we wanted to head back the next day for another meal, Fried Rabbit and Waffles for brunch anyone? Unfortunately we had to fly home. Bummer!

Take my advice if you are ever in the Chicago Area, even an hour away take the time to have a meal at Frontier and have your mind blown! We may fly back to Chicago just to eat there again!


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