Monday Morsels

14 May

All I can say is FINALLY! We finally had a beautiful weekend full of sunshine. Not the kind where you still need to wear a sweater or capri pants. The kind where you don’t give the girls wearing next to nothing dirty looks…Don’t act like you haven’t! It was hot, hot sunshine, so here’s to a sunburned nose and sore muscles – totally worth it for an awesome weekend of softball! I am so happy that I was able to spend it all outside while my other half continued to renovate our apartment. That’s love I guess!

We also had a lovely Mother’s Day BBQ last night to celebrate the Lilinator but I forgot to take pictures…FAIL!

My Monday morning started off a little bit rough but then I received this from a friend.

And obviously it turned right around!

On Friday morning I found this beauty in my mailbox.

Not gonna lie it made me feel pretty important.

I also found some time over the weekend to drink to a bottle of wine. I threw in some strawberries and really classed it up!

Hopefully you found some time to enjoy the sunshine and celebrate Mother’s Day too!

Happy Monday!



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