Last Thing Thursdays

11 May

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s Friday, which means I am definitely late. Terrible I know, forgive me!?

The Last Thing I…

Read that made me laugh. A letter to Ryan Gosling, just read it, its awesome. I promise! Almost as awesome as this…

Photo Credit.

Pinned. The delicious looking grapefruit and mint coolers. Perfect for patio season.

Bought. Tiles and paint, we are trucking along with our renovations, hopefully in a couple weeks we will be able to move in. Next on the list…floors! We have managed to get a lot done despite what this picture might portray.

Dreamed about. Life going back to a normal routine so I can get some sleep, and maybe have the energy to make myself look presentable…sigh!

Got excited for. The Rodeo, heck yes! It is a week away but, I am itching to shine my boots in preparation for a long weekend full of BBQ, sunshine, country music and duh – cowboys!

They are ready go, and so am I.

Fingers crossed for sunshine all weekend, I’ve got softball to play.



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