Chicago – What We Ate

9 May

Let’s be honest, what didn’t we eat would probably be a better title for this post. I was so excited to travel to Chicago, not only for baseball, but also to all of the food The Windy City is so well known for. Ahem, deep dish pizza. I don’t really even have words to explain this one to you. See for yourself.

We went to Giordano’s – the most famous spot to eat this local delicacy. This was a small pizza, yes a small! Thanks to our friends past experience ordering a large we were strongly advised to get a small. Good thing!

Check out all the cheese! I manged to eat 2 pieces prior to feeling my arteries begin to close….who needs arteries!

Proof we ate the entire thing…killed it!

Another local staple is the Chicago dog, hands down my favorite! I ate one everyday, that’s not overkill right? I am not sure what makes it so delicious, the pickle, the sport peppers, maybe its the celery salt? All that I know is I need to make these at home, like yesterday. You can get these bad boys just about anywhere, I consumed the majority of mine at the baseball stadium, figures right!

Quite possibly the most delicious ice cream sandwich ever, ya I said it.

Hand scooped ice cream sandwiched between 2 freshly baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. It was so good we went back a second time to try it on sugar cookies. The pictures were forgotten as we promptly inhaled the entire thing. The verdict – sugar cookies are the winner. Funny enough these were from Potbelly a sandwich franchise in the Midwest…take that Subway!

We also managed to find donuts…of course! Do-Rite donuts was a hit, we sampled the PB & J donut and the candied maple bacon.

Finally, the best for last Frontier. This little spot was so amazing it deserves its own post!

To be continued…


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