Chicago – What We Saw

1 May

Miss me? Yeah, I missed you too! We had a fabulous getaway in Chicago – what an amazing city! Since arriving home on Sunday I have been thrown full force back into real life, between final paperwork on our apartment, a car that needs to be repaired, renovations and insurance being a grown up really sucks sometimes! Let’s just say the bank of Kim is now closed! But hey, that’s life I guess, a little bit of adjustment and we will be just fine. Enough with the negative, let’s move on to the awesome. And by awesome I definitely mean Chicago. I am going to tell you all about it but rather than inundate you with a 6 page post I am going to split it up a little bit. Why don’t we start with this.

Hands down Chicago is one of the most beautiful cities to fly into, between the skyline and pristine blue waters of Lake Michigan I couldn’t wait to get off the plane and start exploring the city. And we did just that, I would say we easily walked at least 5 miles a day, I definitely did not pack the best footwear for this little adventure, a word of advice do not complain about this to your boyfriend. Such nonsense will promptly be followed with an eye roll and an “I told you so”. Oh well, at least I looked cute right? It’s a shame my poor swollen toes don’t care.

As you know, we are pretty big baseball fans…that’s probably an understatement. So we were incredibly excited to visit Wrigley Field.

It is the second oldest baseball stadium in North America behind Fenway park and getting to watch a cubs game there was definitely a item we had on our bucket list. Whether you like watching baseball or not, if you are ever in the Chicago area be sure to pay a visit to this spectacular building, probably the coolest stadium I have been to – It’s hard to explain but it just had a really awesome old school feel to it.

We planned our trip so that both the Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Cubs had games while we were there. Genius I know! We spent 2 of our evenings at U.S. Cellular field – home to the Sox. This was a completely different experience than the cubs game but equally as fun. The stadium was awesome but I think we might be bad luck because the home team lost every game we watched, oops!

We also had a chance to visit Navy Pier and see the Ferris Wheel, unfortunately we went later in the evening and nothing was open but with a children’s museum, mini golf and more, I can imagine it’s a fantastic spot for families during the day.

On the opposite side of the city is the Willis Tower, formerly known as the Sears Tower – I had no idea they changed the name of this landmark, definitely need to keep up on my current events.

We also did a pretty good job stimulating the US economy by shopping our hearts out on State Street and the Magnificent Mile. Not only does Chicago have  fantastic shopping, they also have amazing parks and absolutely beautiful architecture. I often found myself constantly looking at my surroundings it didn’t matter where we were there was always something to see. Or hear…the subway is LOUD! I know that it is just something different but being so used to the skytrains in Vancouver the subways in Chicago were so strange to me. Train tracks run down the middle of the street, beside houses, underground, over bridges. Definitely a experience and a bit of big city culture shock. Once I got used to the sound and wasn’t jumping out of shoes every time the train rolled by I actually thought it was really neat. I will say that if you ever travel to Chicago you do not need a car. We got absolutely every where we needed to on this bad boy. And we only paid $23 for a 7 day pass, now that is a steal! Here is a look at the 5 days we spent in the Windy City!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you enjoy city travel, Chicago is a must see! We loved it there and I don’t think either of us would hesitate to go back.


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