For Your Listening Pleasure

25 Apr

I usually like to give you an explanation on why I am absolutely loving a song, or recommend an entire album but lately I have been obsessed with a few very different songs for no particular reason, other than I think that they are awesome. So here is what is currently playing  on repeat

Springsteen – Eric Church. The song may seem a bit anticlimactic but I really, really like it. Correction – love it.

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Drive By – Train. It just makes me tap my foot, bob my head, slap my knee. You know what old people do when they are totally getting into something. Yes, I am that person.

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Whiskey – Jana Kramer. I never watched one tree hill but a friend that did recommended her music to me all I can say is, thank god!

Young Homie – Chris Rene. I am not sure if any of you watched X Factor but pretty much the only reason I did was for him. Chris Rene stole my heart when he auditioned and he has yet to give it back. I am stoked to see that he is having so much success.

I bet this isn’t exactly what you were expecting but I like to mix it up a little. And there is a good chance most of you probably won’t like any of the songs but hey, that’s okay too. I probably don’t like what you listen to either so there, take that!


3 Responses to “For Your Listening Pleasure”

  1. Chelsea May 1, 2012 at 10:52 PM #

    You totally need to watch one tree hill. They have great music on the show. I have seasons 1-7 if you want to borrow them:)

    • Kim May 2, 2012 at 10:33 AM #

      Nice! I might just take you up on that once we are settled in the new place – Thanks!


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    […] told you about her song Whiskey a little while ago, you loved it right? Well when I discovered it I couldn’t wait to buy the […]

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