Monday Morsels

2 Apr

It’s April – can you believe it? I have absolutely no idea where March went but considering for the most part it was cold an rainy I am kind of okay with it. Plus I am pretty sure April is going to be an awesome month! However, I was a slightly skeptical when I woke up yesterday morning to snow, yes I said snow. Here’s proof:

Thank god it was just mother natures idea on an April Fool’s joke because by the time noon rolled around it was a beautiful sunshiny day!

Speaking of sunshine, I am absolutely loving this Southern Sunrise Dress and this Pick pocket Dress I need to figure out how to ship these beauties from The Blue Door Boutique to Canada.

Lately,  I have been a fair bit of window shopping on Etsy, well I guess since it is online it’s more like screen shopping. Call it what you want, I just really love to browse through the site and find unique items. My latest gimme moment was for these Burlap pillows, I absolutely adore them! I just might break down and buy them. We have been apartment hunting lately so maybe once we find a new home I will splurge and by myself a housewarming gift – that’s normal right?

I don’t what the weather is like where you are but here in Vancouver it is pretty gloomy, so I thought I would leave you with these Strawberry Cupcakes to brighten your Monday morning. Just looking at them brought a little bit of sunshine to my day.

Happy Monday!


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