A Seattle Weekend

12 Mar

It was a big weekend for me, and by big I mean totally AWESOME! I left early Friday morning to travel south to Seattle. Why you ask? To see the one and only, Blake Shelton. I had been looking forward to this concert for months, I am sure you’re not surprised considering my obsession with his music.

On the way down we decided to stop for breakfast. We pulled over in  Mount Vernon to eat at the Calico Cupboard Cafe and Bakery, which was recommended to us by Angie…she never let’s us down! And this hidden gem was no exception. Located just off the I-5, the Calico Cupboard is open daily for breakfast and lunch. I absolutely loved this cafe, from the classic brick building to the homey decor inside, it was so charming. Not to mention, the food was fantastic. I had the one eyed sailor, you may also know this as a bird’s nest, and the homemade bread was delicious.

Andrew decided to re-live our time in the south and eat his favorite meal sausage and biscuits (it was much better looking before it was smothered in Jalapeno Tabasco sauce).

He didn’t leave a drop on his plate so I think it is safe to assume he enjoyed it. On the way out I couldn’t resist all of the baked goods and grabbed a gluten free triple berry muffin…loved it! And everything else about this cafe, be sure to stop in if you are ever in the area.

After shopping, happy hour, and some time to get ready we headed to key arena for the show. Side note, why don’t Canadians do happy hour like our American neighbors, it’s a crime!

The concert was absolutely fantastic, I mean really it’s Monday and I am still raving about it. Blake was witty, entertaining and sounded amazing. He also, sang a duet with both opening acts; Dia Frampton and Justin Moore. And on top of that, his lovely wife and another amazing country artist, Miranda Lambert made a surprise guest appearance. We sat in the front row of the plaza level just one section over from the stage and had an awesome view. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera…idiot! But I was able to take a couple shots with my iPhone. The show was worth every penny…it’s a shame it had to end!

Until next time Blake.



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