Weekly Obsessions – February 22

22 Feb

You have been missing these lately, I know it! But let’s be honest I don’t write about just anything it has to really stick with me. And let me tell you, I am hooked!

Pinterest – No I did not miss the boat on this like I did on Superbowl snacks and Angry Birds. I have been on this for quite sometime and single handedly planned my entire wedding…no I am not engaged, don’t judge me! I decided to share with you because it has gone from something cool, to something I can’t live without! It may also be the culprit behind my excessive data usage on my phone. Regardless, it is such a fun site, and such a fantastic idea. I can’t even count how many times I have read a blog or found something I loved online and told myself to remember it, which in turn means I will promptly forget. Typical. Basically, you can scroll through millions of images and “pin” the ones you like on to your boards.  It might sound a little bit strange but I can pretty much guarantee once you check it out you will be obsessed. Follow me kimjewell3 and see how magical my country wedding is going to be 😉

Watt’s Up – I think we all know about my deep love for Benefit cosmetics, it’s no secret. Watt’s up is one of their newest products, a highlighter that gives you a luminous glow!

Photo Credit

Personally, I would probably never try something like this, but I had it applied at the Brow Bar at Macy’s and I was instantly sold. It has a cream to powder finish that I apply on my cheek and brow bones…easy and gorgeous! It’s a keeper that’s for sure.

Happy hump day!



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