The Joys of December

1 Dec

God I love Christmas… well that was definitely not politically correct but I really don’t care, to me it is Christmas and it always will be, and people use god as an adjective all the time, so don’t judge! But for reals, the holiday season is easily my favorite time of year for so many reasons.

Everything smells better. Like literally everything,  the air, peoples houses, stores, it doesn’t matter where you go really, people just seem to be much more conscious of the odors surrounding them. It’s a shame they don’t do this year round, right?

Baked goods around every corner. My ass may not agree while trying to sausage myself into the tightest skinny jeans on earth, but I don’t care I love eating cookies for breakfast. And for someone reason this is only socially acceptable in December, so I run with it.

Sooo many activities! After Summer I think that many of us feel like our social lives had faded away along with the sun. Have no fear, the month of December will revive your social calendar and make you feel cool again. So cool, that you might actually have to decline a party invite due to your ridiculously busy schedule.

Christmas decor. I don’t know what it is about walking into someone’s house, and it looking like Christmas threw up but it brings me soooo much joy! Window decals, garland, Santa paraphernalia everywhere and of course the tinsel you find in random places after you’ve gone home, awesome! I am definitely going to be one the old ladies with 12 bins of Christmas items in storage, I have already started hoarding!

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Lights! I absolutely love driving around to look at Christmas lights, I might be 24 but this does not get old for me. I wish someone in my family would spend thousands of dollars to make their house look like Disneyland at Christmas…Any takers?

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And with that I wish you a Happy first day of December friends, what are you favorite things about the holiday season?


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