Weekly Obessions – Nov 3

3 Nov

Oh hey there, long time no talk, my fault I know. What I don’t know is when or how my life became out of control busy. Although, I think most of the craziness has passed…until the holidays of course. Between my trip to Tennessee and a work trip to Seattle, the past couple weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind but I am definitely not complaining. I loved every second of my trip to Tennessee and I promise to share the details with you real soon! In the meantime, here is what I am loving this week.

Minnetonka’s – I had some free time in Seattle so I did a bit of shopping and by a bit I mean, so much shopping I could barely carry all of my bag’s. To put things into perspective I went with one duffel bag and came home with four. No big deal right? I will say that I made a dent in my Christmas shopping. Yes, I said it Christmas shopping, god I love the holidays, and now that Halloween is over I am allowed to talk about Christmas as much as I want. Anyway, back on track, while shopping I decided it was a good time to try on these adorable moccasins that I have had my eye on for some time now. And I was not disappointed. Check out my new babies below, I love them so much I asked for them in two other colors for Christmas. you know what they say, when you find something you like buy it in every color imaginable… I don’t think anyone actually says that but I am just going to run with it!

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Benefit Brow Bar – While on my shopping adventure in Sea town I stumbled in to Macy’s, big surprise I know! What was actually a surprise was the Benefit Cosmetics brow bar right in the cosmetics department. Now maybe I live under a rock but I had no idea these existed, and let me tell you I have been missing out. When I wandered over the offered to do my brows right then and there. At first I said no because, I don’t know about you but since I am blindingly white, whenever I get my eyebrows waxed they are bright red for at least 24 hours. People look at you funny, ask if you have been crying… it is just not a good scene, I generally hide out until my face is a normal color again. And since I was there on business,  and I had to associate with people, I didn’t want to frighten anyone with blazing red eyebrows. However, Sarah, the loveliest lady ever promised that they would cover them up and no one would know a thing. Since my eyebrows were starting to look like caterpillars I took her up on the offer, and I honestly don’t want to get my eyebrows done anywhere else EVER! She did the most amazing job and made it look like it never happened. I guess I’ll be driving 2 and a half hours to get my brows done from now on, just kidding they have several Brow Bar locations including one in Bellis Fair… super close. AWESOME!


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