Heading South!

18 Oct

So I am leaving on a jet plane, well almost. I am driving to Seattle tonight to embark on my exciting journey to Tennessee and then flying out at 6 AM tomorrow morning… can you say early? But it is well worth it because I get to spend the next week doing things I love; line dancing, listening to country music, barbecuing and hanging out with some of my favorite people.

This weekend I get to be a part of the Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue Competition in Lynchburg, Tennessee. Now that is bad ass, seriously how many people get to say that? Not many, trust me! I may only be the sauce girl, but I take my stirring and re-heating very seriously!

I can not wait to head South and wear my cowboy boots everyday without being given “the look”. And by “the look” I mean the face that says  why on earth is this broad wearing cowboy boots in downtown Vancouver…she must be a tourist, or a taylor swift wanna be. I will take the latter,  but regardles, it will be nice to stomp around Nashville and not be judged!

Between the Jack Daniel’s distillery, the Grand Ole Opry and the copious amounts of southern food I am going to consume I am sure that there will be plenty to talk about when I get home.

See you in week.



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