5 Best Fall Activities

5 Oct

So I think we all know from previous posts that I am pretty stoked that Fall has finally arrived. I know, I know, you love sun and you hate me for wishing for clouds and Vancouver rain. But don’t be discouraged the lack of sun does not mean that there is less to do. You can still go outside, really you won’t die…I promise! You can stay inside too, I won’t judge! With that being said, here is a list of my favorite fall activities for both indoors and out.

Take a Cooking Class. Why not try something new and brush up on your culinary skills. Well Seasoned in Langley offers classes for everything from sushi to pastries. Check out their schedule and take a class, it will change your life.

Go for a walk. The leaves are turning and the air is brisk get outside and enjoy it before it the leaves are bare and the sidewalks are covered in ice and snow. Fingers crossed that doesn’t actually happen. Let’s be honest, Vancouver generally sees about 1 snow day a year, if that but it will still be much colder in the coming months so take advantage of what you have.

Watch the MLB Playoffs. And root for the Yankees. I don’t care if you don’t like them, do as you’re told!

Go Apple Picking. Apple what?! Apple picking, yes seriously there is such a thing and it’s right in your backyard. Head to Applebarn and pick until your hearts content. It’s fun,I swear!

Watch Fall TV. There are so many great shows this year, so if you don’t feel like getting up off your couch you might as well be entertained right?

Happy Fall Friends!


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