Weekly Obsessions – September 28

28 Sep

I spent this past weekend eating, shopping and watching TV… seriously that is all that I did. However, I did discover a couple of items worthy of sharing with you.

2 Broke Girls – Seriously, I think that this is the funniest sitcom to hit TV’s this Fall. It is full of sarcastic, witty and sometimes inappropriate humor. Basically it is centered around a wealthy socialite who has lost all of her money because her father was involved in some illegal activity. She starts working at a diner and meets Max, who has always had to work hard in life and doesn’t take crap from anyone. They become friends and dream of one day opening a cupcake business. I almost peed myself when I watched the pilot episode and if that is an indication of what’s to come I am really, really excited! Oh and by the way Cat Dennings is frickin hilarious… she makes this show!

Pumpkin – It is everywhere, literally! It is in beer, coffee, baked goods, body wash you name it, pumpkin is in it. Don’t get me wrong I love this time of year when people put away their bathing suits and belly tops and bust out their Uggs and sweaters and start singing Pumpkin’s praise. However, I do feel a bit like I am being bombarded by it… I am not complaining, really, I am quite content to wear fuzzy boots and drink pumpkin spice lattes all day.

Oh and this is how I spent my Monday evening… this was taken from my blackberry so you can imagine how close I was 😉 No big deal I am not bragging or anything. Keith Urban you rock my world…Nicole who?


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